A self-report of a patient with cervical spondylosis,How did I recover!, law of attraction life planner pdf

Original title: A self-report of a patient with cervical spondylosis, How did I recover!

This article is a self-report of a patient with cervical spondylosis, Tells how to restore health through one’s own efforts, Share with everyone!

three years ago, I was diagnosed with cervical spondylosis, In the following year, The condition tends to get worse. At last, I had to take decisive measures to start a year and a half of recovery. Share it with everyone here, Hope to be helpful to friends who have the same trouble!

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01-my condition

At the worst time, My condition is mainly manifested in 1) Stiff neck and shoulder, And accompanied by uninterrupted pain, Especially after sitting for a long time, The pain has extended to the chest, In severe cases, it is even accompanied by symptoms such as nausea; 2) X-ray and CT examinations in the hospital show that the physiological curve of the neck becomes straight. Bone hyperplasia, And ligament calcification. then, Cervical spondylosis has seriously affected my daily life, Life experience is very poor, Happiness also plummeted.

Current situation: The pain has completely disappeared; after sitting for a long time, manifestation determination wac There will still be discomfort in the back and neck, But you can’t feel it if you are not paying attention; The physiological curve has been restored.

02-The mechanism of cervical spondylosis

In order to recover, I checked a lot of information, Also went to the best hospital in Shanghai for examination and treatment. For most white-collar workers like me, I conclude that the main causes of cervical spondylosis are:

1) Strain: In daily life and work, Chronic strain of the neck, It is an important cause of cervical spondylosis. Such as network editing, network promotion, programmers, accounting, teachers and other occupations, Because of keeping the head and neck in the same posture for a long time, Cause over strain and progress of the cervical spine, Therefore, it is easy to induce the occurrence law of attraction forums of cervical spondylosis. Infection: mainly pharyngitis, Followed by dental caries, periodontitis, otitis media and so on.

2) Bad posture: Such as lying in bed watching TV, reading a book, sleeping on a high pillow, sitting in a sleeping position, etc. ; sleeping in a sleeping car, Poor muscle protection when sleeping, Neck injuries are prone to occur when braking.

There are some other factors, Such as age factors (as age increases, The various organs and tissues of the human body begin to undergo different degrees of degeneration, Especially the cervical spine usually degenerates at 20, The degeneration of cervical spine and cervical intervertebral disc is a key factor that causes cervical spondylosis. ) Neck trauma (research found thatAfter the human cervical spine and cervical intervertebral disc degeneration, Under the premise of cervical spine instability, Head and neck trauma is often an important cause of cervical spondylosis), Chronic law of attraction planner spiral infections (periodontitis, otitis media, pharyngitis and other inflammatory diseases, Without a thorough cure, Inflammation often affects cervical spine tissue spasm, atrophy, degeneration, loose ligaments, etc. Destroyed the local integrity and stability, Cause internal and external balance imbalance, Thereby inducing cervical spondylosis)

For most white-collar workers, The main reason is the first and second items I listed, I am a typical.

03-Road to Recovery

In order to recover quickly, I started my own rehabilitation training and treatment attempts in a targeted manner (why is it an attempt, Because I tried various methods available online, But some methods actually made my condition worse, The method mentioned below is the most effective method for me, And the method I finally stuck to, at this point, I will introduce it in detail if there is a chance). Below is a summary of the methods that I think are effective for my rehabilitation:

First of all, Change the environment of work and life. In order to have a better rehabilitation environment, I changed my job. My original job required me to either be at desk for a long time, Or travel on long-distance high-speed rail and international flights, These have severely damaged the increasingly fragile cervical spine and back. Despite giving up better career development and higher salaries, But health is the most important. After changing jobs, I have more autonomous time, Work pressure is also less, No need to travel frequently, Go home every day, This ensures better sleep every day, Have enough time to exercise. (Usually people will ignore this, But personally feel this is very important for recovery, Good sleep is essential to the recovery of the body, especially the back and neck muscle strain! ! ! )

Secondly, Must find the right pillow, Ensure a good physiological curve and adequate rest of the cervical spine. Some tips for choosing pillows are as follows:

1. The height of the pillow is generally 10-15 cm. However, the specific height needs to refer to personal circumstances, For example, the physiological curvature of the neck. People with shoulder-width and fat body can sleep on a higher pillow, People who are thin can sleep on a lower pillow.

2. Pillow height should not be too high, It should not be too low. If the pillow is too high, Whether sleeping on your side or on your back, Will change the physiological curvature of the cervical spine. The long-term past, Will cause cervical spine problems. If there are neurasthenia symptoms such as neck pain, headache, dizziness, tinnitus, and insomnia, Or I feel numb in my hands and feet halfway through sleep, It may be that the pillow is a little high. If you don’t drink water before going to bed, But when I got up in the morning, I found that my face was swollen, It may be that the pillow is too low to cause congestion in the head.

3. Our sleeping position will also affect the height of our pillow selection to a certain extent. People who usually sleep on their backs, The height of the pillow should be equal to the height of our fist; people who are used to sleeping on the side, The height of the pillow can be approximately equal to the height of our shoulder width, but, Whether you sleep on your back or on your side, The pillow that can maintain the normal physiological curvature of the cervical spine is the best. This situation also depends on the individual, Weigh it yourself.

4. The part that supports the back of the head is best 3-5 cm lower than the part that supports the neck. This helps maintain the natural curvature of the neck. Most of this kind of memory pillow is better, Take the vegetarian memory pillow, Most memory pillows are wave-shaped pillows, When we sleep, we should sleep on the higher end, Only in this way can it play a supporting role for the cervical spine.

third, At work, Maintain the correct posture, Work and rest.

Despite changing jobs, But desk work is inevitable. What we can do is to minimize the pressure on the cervical spine, The correct sitting posture can help to do this, Students who have the conditions can try to stand up and work. That would be even better.

Here are a few tips, For reference:

1. The upper body should keep the neck upright, To support the head, The shoulders droop naturally, The upper arm is close to the body, Bend the elbow 90 degrees, Operate the keyboard or mouse, Try to keep your wrists level, The midline of the palm and the midline of the forearm should be in a straight line. The lower body waist is straight, The knee is naturally bent at 90 degrees, And maintain a sitting position with your feet on the ground.

2. Choose ergonomically designed tables and chairs, Use a dedicated computer chair, Sitting on it follows the “three right angles”: the first right angle is formed at the knee under the computer desk, The thigh and back are the second right angle, The arm forms a third right angle at the elbow joint. The shoulder blades are resting on the back of the chair, Put your shoulders down, Keep your chin away from your neck. Looking at the center of the computer screen with both eyes, The seat should preferably have a supportive back and armrests, And can adjust the height;

3. Keep your eyes at an appropriate distance from the monitor. The eyes and the computer monitor form a slight downward angle toward the phosphor screen, This will relax the neck muscles.

You should rest for 5 to 10 minutes every hour when using the computer. Do soft exercises or partial massages, At the same time, develop regular exercise habits, Stretching and muscle strength training for shoulders, necks and upper limbs, To increase flexibility and muscle strength.

If the habitual posture cannot be corrected temporarily, You can use some tools to help correct your sitting posture, Like cushions, Computer stand, etc.

the last point, The most important thing is to keep exercising. I strongly recommend everyone to swim, Swimming is the most beneficial exercise for my cervical spine recovery after trying various exercise methods. Keep it 2-3 times a week, 500-1000 meters each time. Swimming can exercise the muscles of the whole body, Especially the parts of the back of the neck that are not often used, It is also the safest method for the cervical spine (no pressure on the spine when swimming). You can look at the picture below, When swimming, Exercises the muscles in the red area very well, Especially breaststroke, Muscle strain in this area is usually the main reason white-collar workers get cervical spondylosis.


Some things are important only after they are lost, I have deeply experienced this in the past two years, It’s a blessing in disguise, Let me understand that life is the most important thing in life.

There are always ups and downs in life, No matter at high point or location, Only health and family can not live up to it! The family is the harbor of the soul, It is a place of sustenance for a person’s spiritual world, It is a haven for rest on the journey of life, It’s an energy storage pool that starts again; health is the foundation of all life struggles, No health, Without everything; the family is the inner sustenance, Health is fundamental to the outside. A healthy body and family happiness can be controlled by yourself, Manageable; the so-called success of the business, How much money is made is to serve a healthy body and family happiness.

This can be regarded as a summary and harvest of my painful experience over three years.


The emergence of cervical spondylosis is related to many small causes in our lives. Therefore, it is very necessary to develop good living habits and eating habits in our lives. The formation of cervical spondylosis is inseparable from people’s life and work, therefore, Prevent cervical spondylosis, Start from the small details of life and work. Back to Sohu, see more