A supernatural worker tells you how to get rid of bad luck and change your destiny—Learning Buddha Net, manifest victory meaning

  Hello everyone, I have been here for a few months, Keep diving, I saw some people who had misfortunes in their marriages and other jobs, etc. There are many such people who are unsatisfactory in life and in all aspects, In the spirit of compassion, Here are some ways to change your destiny, I hope that everything goes well from now on.

  First introduce the basic common sense: I am a supernatural worker, Be able to sense and touch other sentient beings, I believe in cause and effect, What cause, What is the result, I firmly believe in the six ways of reincarnation: 1 Heavenly Way, 2 Ashura, 3 Human Way, 4 Animal Way, 5 Ghost Way, 6 Hell Way.

  These six realms are called the six realms of reincarnation, At present, the sentient beings we are in contact with and see are only humane, And the animal road, But the humane animal life will follow the six reincarnations after death, There will be reincarnation in 49 days, So what causes are planted in this life, Maybe you will get what kind of fruit in your next life. For example, people who are kind in this life may not live long. It may be that he often killed lives in his previous life, So it will be short-lived. Or the marriage is unfortunate, Maybe that person used to commit adultery in his previous life, For example, I always can’t make money in this life, Or can’t save money, These are closely related to people’s past lives. To sum up in one sentence: all the things suffered in this life, All are the results of the causes and gains planted in the previous life.

  All right, Stop talking nonsense and start talking about the subject: First, let’s talk about how to get rid of bad luck and how to change destiny:

  1: Cannot eat shallots, garlic, manifestation definition in history onions, leeks, green onions, These five dishes are best not to eat at night.

  2: Don’t commit adultery, (Only with his own wife) (No extramarital affairs) Swap the activities of watching pornography and disseminating pornographic pictures and videos on the Internet, These are called adultery.

  3: Cannot kill and eat meat, Regard all beings as parents, (Cockroaches and mosquitoes cannot be killed).

  4: Giving (including exchange of wealth and giving, fearless giving, and Dharma). Cai Giving: You can give to people in need, For example, people with five incomplete manifestation meaning in bisaya roots, What is the five insufficiency: the eyes, ears, nose and tongue are defective in body and mind, Such people need our financial help.

  If you see such personnel on the road, Please give me a few pieces, Do not care if such people are liars.

  Fearless generosity: For example, your parents need someone to accompany you as they grow older. alone, Or when a child gets scared when he is alone, Accompany these people more, Don’t scare others.

  Giving will be the result of wealth in the future.

law of attraction examples  5: Don’t steal (including all other people’s things and company’s things can’t be used privately) such as pens in the company, Or book, Can’t be used home, You can’t get rebates when you buy things for the company. Or people who live together, For example, when there is no salt at home when cooking, use the neighbor’s salt. If you use it, you must tell your neighbors. Otherwise, it is considered theft.

  The consequences of the theft are very serious, The future will be the result of poverty.

  6: This one and the most important one is a method that can directly change fate

manifestation au chili  Although a person’s life is short, But everyone cherishes their lives, Everyone wants to live a wonderful life, Living happiness, But do you have this kind of blessing?

  People have different blessings, Destiny is also different, Some people are born into wealthy families, Worth billions, And no matter how hard some people work hard, it won’t help. The following method is the fastest way to increase blessings: release.

  Buy things and release them, Releasing life is giving, The combination of charity, fearless charity, and Dharma charity, The first of all merits is to release life!

  Buy fish, Buy birds, Anything is fine, Put it at least once a month, Slowly the bad fate will change, People who always release even ghosts and gods will respect you, respect you, And in the future will be rewarded with wealth and longevity. Note: The speed of change depends on your precision.

  Add, Don’t be angry with beautiful people, Anger will give rise to anger, Ugly results in the future

  What I said, You can’t believe it, It can also be treated as nonsense, But if you do as I said, Your destiny will definitely change, I hope everyone in the world can change their bad destiny.

  Finally, I wish everyone, I wish you all get what you want, Marriage goes well, Extra cash, Good deeds are getting bigger and bigger! !

  Eliminating disasters and avoiding difficulties: chanting the first merit of “Namo Amitabha”

  Learning Buddhism is becoming a Buddha, Concentrate on chanting “Namo Amitabha”, Do not doubt that there is no inclusion, Take the Buddha’s great aspiration and decide to go to the pure land

  Repent here all the evil thoughts and evil deeds I have committed, Repent of all the felony sins I committed; I would like to share all the merits of this article, I have all given my dedication to the original author of the article, Xuefo. com, reprinters, and readers; if there is any error in this article, I repent, If there is merit, All people return, Willing to cut off evil, cultivate good, and accumulate yin virtue, To develop bodhicitta and follow the path of bodhisattva, Keep the precepts and recite the Buddha, and seek the pure land!