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  In fact, there is a saying in Guiguzi that is widely circulated in the world, Just want to revolt, What does that mean, Is if you want something, Just give something first. however, This sentence is most misunderstood and outrageous.

  how to say? Want to get first, It’s about wanting to get caught, In other words, When you want to beat a person, First give this person a lot, Like praise him, Like praise him, Such as echoing him, For example, give him gold and silver tedx law of attraction jewelry. In order to let him relax his vigilance, Let him show his feet.

  When a person has no natural enemies, When overly proud, Is easier to get overwhelmed, And showing the braid makes people scratch, Or, It is easy to expose its own shortcomings, Was given a fatal blow.

  And by no means what I said today, If I want to be respected, Give others respect first, What i want, Give others something first. This is irrelevant, It’s totally wrong.

  I’m quite grieving for Mr. Guigu, This is not what he said, It’s not his intention, Someone later connected this matter with the saints, Slowly it became poisonous chicken soup, Poisoned many people. Others said what Confucius said. Confucius never said such things.

  and so, When we understand the words of the ancient saints, You must have your own thoughts, No one can say anything. It is important to keep manifestation definition of word your mind.

  The opposite of wanting to get back is to put the tiger back to the mountain. same, It seems that the results are similar, Maybe let this person go, Maybe it is not embarrassing this person. But the result is different.

  So the mystery of understanding is here. The most famous example of wanting to get back is Zhuge Liang’s seven captures of Meng Huo.

  Zhuge Liang, in order to quell the war of the Northern Expedition, Personally lead soldiers to fight. As the saying goes, Catch the thief first, catch the king, So the spear was directed at Meng Huo. After Meng Huo was captured and released seven times, Finally defeated Menghuo psychologically, It is not so much that Zhuge Liang fought a tough fight, Rather, Zhuge Liang played psychological tactics.

  obviously, Zhuge Liang didn’t want Meng Huo’s life, And Meng Huo, Is also a heroic journal dijon manifestation fighter, Strong-willed, And treat people faithfully, Is a virtuous talent, Very popular among the Yi people, Even among the Han people, many people admire him, So decided to win him over. and so, Zhuge Liang didn’t want his life. There are seven captures of Meng Huo, which are popular today.

  Someone said, Want to get back, Didn’t it mean letting the enemy relax? You obviously went to war like this, How to relax your vigilance?

  In war or tactically, There are many types, Some are pointed at each other, Take this man’s life. Some are defeating him psychologically, Want him to surrender, Don’t dare to infringe easily. Meng Huo actually belongs to the latter, Although on the surface it looks like a real fight, In fact, I want him to return, Let him stop making trouble, Used by me. Then the swordsman, It’s the appearance, Seven captures and seven strokes are the real thing to do, Want him to be sincere, Make him law of attraction quora convinced.

  So different people, There must be a different strategy.

  Now the problem comes again, Treat different people, There are different methods, This echoes with the first article of Shuhe, The issue is, where is it?

  As I said, If this person is a greedy person, Give him rights, If it is a greedy person, Give him money, So greedy people, It must be given status.

  So how do you know who he is? We want to know from his mouth, So if you want him to talk, You must be silent first, If he talks about it, You have to keep a low profile.

  For what, In order to get more information from his mouth, Got the information, To analyze this person, Just prescribe the right medicine.

  long time ago, As mentioned earlier, Mr. Guigu has always emphasized the need to know yourself and the enemy. But many people reversed this matter, Think I want to gain the trust of the other party, Just show my sincerity first, If I want the other person to say what I want to know, I first say what the other manifestation kabbalah person wants to hear. The thing that you want to give back, Got it wrong, That’s not the case at all, Misunderstood the meaning of the ancestors. (Of course it is also inseparable from the influence of the current chicken soup text)

  Actually not, If you deal with someone who has a certain city, You need to be sincere first, But you need to be careful about this sincerity, To what extent is this person worth paying, What degree is a cordon, If you reach this threshold, Cannot continue to pay, But if the other party still has no response, I need to remember whether I gave too much too fast, This is all related.

  People who fall deep in the city, You don’t need to show sincerity when you treat him. You need to hide yourself first, Is for you to wait, wait for what? Waiting for him to speak first, He makes a decision first.

  If your strength is not as good as the opponent, You need to lower your posture, Hide yourself, Bow down to him, It’s good to fawn, It’s good to hide, Anyway, You just can’t expose your thoughts.

  I have a friend, Her family encountered a third party, Dad resolutely divorced his mother, Married a third party 15 years younger, The third person is beautiful, People are also beautiful, Naturally, it’s incomparable with the mother who has worked hard for many years in the mallThe traces of the years have hung up on the eyebrows, My mother is like a yellow-faced woman. But Dad’s company can already be measured by tens of millions. Naturally, divorce is not a problem, rich, capricious.

  despite this, As a daughter, Did not oppose the divorce of parents, Instead, he said to dad, father, You should fight for your happiness, Although I don’t want you to divorce your mother, But if the divorce does not match, It’s also uncomfortable, Maybe you are not willing to do this.

  Some words, Let family and friends sigh. Said that this daughter just spotted the money, Only recognize money, When Dad is rich, he stands on his side. Mom was sad and wept, Divorced with two houses.

  The daughter is on the father’s side, Is she uncomfortable? Naturally uncomfortable! Uncomfortable, But this marriage is impossible, Xiaosan all hit the door of the house. Dad is still protecting her, obviously, Can’t come back.

  How to do it, My friend went to work in Dad’s company. Tell dad, Dad, I want to be an accountant, I have been good at math since childhood, Company finances, At this time, her stepmother is in charge, This junior also has scheming, Master the finances. Dad also agreed, The girl started working in her father’s company, Then even though Xiaosan called Mom, It’s almost twenty, The stepmother is really called mom. Mom is long and short every day, As good as a person, Back from abroad, Bring a lot of good things to the stepmother, For example, if you look at the limited edition LV, What.

  The days are long, The child slowly began to manage the money on the company’s books. The accountant also reported a class, Then follow the stepmother and learn every day. When my father buys a house or car for his stepmother, he always writes his stepmother’s name. She was the first to jump to support.

  Where’s the junior, Slowly I feel quite relieved, What to leave to her, Save yourself doing it yourself, Seeing that she stopped contacting her mother, Seems to only recognize her as a mother, Multiple errands are also good.

  one day, She said to her dad, Change the legal person of this company to stepmother, Show that you love her.

  Until later, This girl has all the financial status of the company, Some money was laundered, Did one more thing, Just coaxing her father to mortgage the company, Said it was to expand operations, And the legal person, It’s her stepmother.

  But the mortgaged money, I washed it with another company, Shun Shun Lee entered her mother’s account, And then took the company’s money, Went to France with her mother.

  left, There is a shell company and a legal person in debt. And finally negotiated with her dad, Would you like to return to her and her mother, If you wantDo not pursue previous responsibilities, If you don’t want to, Let him and Xiao San, Carrying tens of millions of debts.

  After thinking twice, Her father decided to return to her and her mother, Because Xiao San and his life are not easy, Often quarreling, The feelings are not so strong, After all the freshness is over, It’s all about firewood, rice, oil and salt.

  It is said that in the end, the junior could not stand the blow, People and wealth are empty, Jumped the Huangpu River.

  After seven years, This feud has to be avenged. This thing is real, You can find the original version of this matter.

  I can’t describe the intense situation in my text, Anyway, as little friends, we are all stunned. A girl who looks so plain.

  These are two examples of the extreme use of the desire to take. Different situations, There are different countermeasures. So in the end it depends on what we want to achieve.

  most of the time, We can’t make the right decision, It is because we have too little information or the situation is incorrect. So in the end, we collected all kinds of clues, Still have to listen to what the other person says, See what the other party does.

  I don’t know if this article I’m talking about is thorough. If you still don’t understand, Leave me a message in the background, I am very happy to answer for everyone.

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