College students from the countryside,How are most of them mixed up?Netizen: reading hard to change your destiny, manifestation meaning tamil

every year, There are a large number of rural college entrance examination candidates, Pass the college entrance examination, Walk into the university.

Then, These college students from the countryside, How are most of them mixed up?

Netizens said so bitterly in one sentence-reading hard to change their destiny!

Why do you say this?

the first, College water manifestation definition students from the countryside, The level of parents, Determine their level.

Living in the countryside, And living in the city, Different geographical environment, Different family education, Both determine the future direction of a person. College students from the countryside, Greatly influenced by parents, These parents educate their children since childhood, Be obedient, To save, Earned money, I have to give back to my parents, Can’t just enjoy it. Rural college students who grew up under this tone, “Finance quotient” is not high.

second, When filling in the volunteers, No one to guide, They often fill in the “Tiankeng” major, It is difficult to find employment after graduation.

Rural college entrance examination candidates, When filling in the volunteers, Due to the parents’ low level of education, Can’t play the guiding role it should, Often make your own decisions, Fill in some majors that appear to be “tall” on the surface, The results of it, I found out when I entered university, These college majors are already rotten, There is no future for development, Regret it now, It’s too late.

third, Parents are reluctant to invest in education, Or simply unable to invest, This leads to a narrow vision of rural college students.

A person, Long-term vision, It is particularly related to the quality of education received. Students in the city, I have received the best educational resources since I was young, Parents are also very willing to invest in their children, Let children have more and better education, Thus, Children will understand the importance of reading from an early age. in contrast, In some rural areas, The one sentence children hear most since childhood is: Don’t go to school, Go to work early, Earn money for the family early! This kind of family education, It often narrows the vision of rural students, There are no more ideal ambitions.

fourth, No connections, Everything must start from the bottom, Bitter and helpless.

As a college student from the countryside, Maybe you work manifestation material meaning very hard, Very positively coping with life, but, In this society, When you have no contacts, When there are no resources, Often everything becomes empty talk! Start from the very basics, It is very difficult! And college students in the city, Better family background, The network is also very wide, There are people support in all aspects, It’s different from the beginning, The development is even faster.

In this article, Does not mean to discriminate against rural college students, Because I am a farmer myself. but, For some rural children, reading, It is really difficult to change fate. Classmates, In law of attraction quotes instagram this regard, What do you think?