For you who are confused about the future,How can I find the life I really want?, current manifestation synonym

Original title: You who are confused about the future, How can I find the life I really want?

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We often hear stories like this: Someone quit a well-paid white-collar job, Go to a small town far away and start a career that everyone did not expect (such as opening a homestay, Selling hand-designed crafts), Turned my ideals into reality, Live a boring life out of poetry.

We envy them that they have this opportunity to do something interesting, Instead of doing work that you don’t like every day to make money, repay loans, and worry about firewood, manifest meaning software rice, oil and salt, Living a life of grievances, But he was confused about the future.

Wang Han shared in “Let’s Talk”: “If you are doing what you love, You will no longer be confused and afraid, Can get rid of the anxiety of drifting with the flow.

But unfortunately, Many people don’t even know what they like to do. Not to mention doing what you law of attraction planner black like.

The movie “Daydreamer” tells the story between ordinary people and dreams. Walter, an office worker who often daydreams, She is so introverted that she doesn’t even have the courage to talk to the girl she likes. He received the task by chance, Embarked on an adventurous journey, Started an unprecedented attempt: in a helicopter driven by a drunk man, Jump into the ice sea and fight the sharks, Towards the volcano that is about to erupt, Conquer the Himalayas. He did what he could only do in a daydream.

It seems that this is a story of an ordinary person counterattacking as a great god, But it is not. After the mission, He went back to his original life, Still need to face the problem of unemployment. But he is no longer the one who can only daydream, He is no longer afraid to talk to the goddess, Even dared to throw the table to the former boss.

As a netizen commented:Most people’s lives are unreal, Because they only regard the outside world as real, Suppressed my inner world. And when Walt took the hand of the goddess, Patted an old friend on the shoulder, He finally stopped dreaming, starting living (stop dreaming, Began to live for real).

Everyone wants a lot of things, But not many people can make it clear, What is most important to myself.

How to discover the true inner needs?

Each of us has many desires in our hearts, About money, work, emotions, and many more. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory proposes, Human needs are the same as ladders, From low to high, it is divided into five types according to the level. They are: physiological needs, safety needs, social needs, respect needs and self-fulfillment needs.

Only meet the low-level needs, Only then can we have the opportunity to chase high-level needs. Without solving the basic survival to talk about self-realization, This is not impossible, It’s just that it is not very strong after all.

For some people, Security is more important than anything else, The others can be put aside, Therefore, he needs a stable work life and a partner who can make him feel at ease. If you feel at a loss, I want it and want it, Think about it first:

  • What will make you energetic and enthusiastic?
  • What is the biggest motivation for you to work hard every day?
  • What conditions do you think a happy life needs to meet?
  • What do you want most in your relationship?
  • What is most important to you?

If you haven’t figured this out clearly, Maybe you are living a life that others envy, But you find that you are not happy; or you desperately work hard according to others’ standards, But I found that the harder I work, the more confused.

That’s why some people feel tired and don’t want to do high-paying decent jobs. Having an impeccable partner still can’t help but cheat, You envy other manifestation algeriepeople’s lives, Others are envious of you.

You are always complaining “This is not the life I want”, So what kind of life do you want?

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