How does HR agency make money?, manifestation synonym verb

management fee, An employee is 30-100 per month.
How does HR agency make money
First of all, The concept of agency company is not very clear. What kind of agency is it? What is the agency’s business?
The first right when your question refers to the labor dispatch company.
The best labor dispatch service is Japan and the United States. The grassroots employees of a une manifestation definition company like Toyota rarely hire themselves. All of them are dispatched workers. Simply speaking, dispatching companies is to help other companies and factories recruit people. The people recruited are the same as other normal employees, Equal pay for equal work. The dispatch company collects a certain dispatch management fee on a monthly basis per person. If you are interested in labor dispatch, Want to know more, You can check the information yourself, Lots of online.
the most basic, Which is placed on the bright side, The employer will pay the dispatch company’s dispatch management fee per head per month. The market is different from place to place, Take Shenzhen for example, Generally between 100-200 per person a month, The main reason is the low peak season and the number of dispatch workers used by the company. But this law of attraction of money money is not something that can be earned casually. How can we have good returns? Labor dispatch companies must choose the right partners, This is very important, The dispatch company must earn management fees, Must be scaled up, The partner company must have:
1. Hire people well, Imagine the poor country where the company you work with, Poor working environment, There are problems such as occupational health risks, No one wants to work there at all, How does your dispatch company make money?
2. The order should be stable and the company belongs to the rising period, If the order is insufficient, The company itself is about to scale down, Will there be good fruits from your dispatch company?
3. The dispatched workers should be able to stabilize, Worker dispatch companies that leave their jobs within two or three months cannot make money from them. usually, The famous quotes about law of attraction longer a dispatched worker stays in a company, The greater the revenue of the dispatch company, And it doesn’t need maintenance much later, Basically it is pure income. How to be stable, The salary and welfare of your partner should be better, If the frontline workers can get more than 3, 500 companies a month, you should consider working with them. Or nothing.

If you think the dispatch company only earns management fees, Then you are too naive, Don’t forget the nature of capitalist exploitation. So what else can make money?
1. Resignation salary, People quit their jobs not long after work hours. So where did his salary for these day shifts go?
2. Social security, It’s too messy, Almost all social security projects have operating space, Look at how the dispatch company talked with the partner company at that time, I dare not say too much, Just insurance, It manifestation definition et synonyme is not a problem for each person to send the company to earn an extra 50-100 yuan per month;
3. Work injury treatment, The employee was injured at work, Especially when it comes to ratings, If the dispatch company “handles it properly”, it can also make a fortune. The key is how to do the ideological work of employees injured at work. I won’t talk about the specific operation, The secret is not to be revealed (^o^)

One more sentence here, If you are looking for it, you must find a regular dispatch company. The points mentioned above, All have to bear great legal risks, It’s fine enough to say, In the event of an accident, the dispatch company and even the enterprise itself must bear legal responsibility. Think twice, young people.

One more thing, If you encounter a dispatch company that requires dispatched workers to be paid the same as regular workers for different work, Resolutely not to cooperate with manifestation patient meaning them, What hourly, At several times the wages, The whole city bullshit, The risk is too great.

That’s basically it, Solemnly declare, The above is purely personal opinion, Let’s take a joke, If there are similarities, It is pure coincidence. These are not necessarily correct, I hope the seniors will give more guidance, Grateful.
Is the management fee, Calculate according to the number of employees
Opened a human resources limited company, Now I want to ask how much profit is cost-effective to the agent

1. Traditional human resources company, The businesses we do include agency recruitment (job introduction), labor dispatch, headhunting, talent market, etc. ; the main income of these businesses isIt relies on charging management fees for serving customers (enterprises);

2. Analyze the operating model and income of each business:

(1) Agency recruitment, For every person recruited by the company, The company will pay a certain recruitment service fee; if the employee is charged a referral fee, The charging manifestation board online standards are set by each locality;

(2) Labor dispatch mainly depends on the amount of traffic, How much management fee the company pays to the labor dispatch company per person per month, Higher risk, Mainly the legal risks of employment, And work injury risks; labor dispatch companies are not allowed to charge labor dispatch employees; there is also a full-risk outsourcing hourly mode.

(3) Headhunting, It depends on connections, Hunting high-end talents for companies, The employer will pay a headhunting fee to the headhunting company, The cost is generally 20%-30% of the first year’s annual salary of the recruited talent;

(3) The profit model of the talent market is relatively simple, Is to carry out on-site job fairs, Collect booth fees from recruiting companies, Admission fees for job seekers, Because in recent years, The recruitment effect in the talent market is getting worse and worse, The more the talent market chooses to transform, Do labor dispatch, Or do online recruitment, Replace the traditional recruitment services in the talent market;

(4) Social security. Full social security management fee model, Then use local special policies to eat social security. Like Chongqing, Chongqing has troubled enterprises, Then the social security payment base is 1800, Every person can save 500 per month, After paying social security to employees, there is still a profit of 500, This is relatively stable.

(5). Membership development model, It’s a bit similar to holding a part-time card. Cast a few young people, A position that students like, Such as network management, movie theater ticket inspectors, western restaurant waiters, etc. Attract large amounts of traffic, Then charge for traffic, Collect two or three hundred, Then try to resettle those who charge. Both companies and individuals can make money, Although relatively old-fashioned, But the spring breeze is endless, Waves of leeks.