How to be a positive,Sunny optimistic person?, manifest number meaning in tamil

Poor academic performance, Diploma, No internship, Take the road of public examination, The provincial exam will probably be brushed, Recently, I am preparing to law of attraction seminar review the public institution examination;
Poor physical condition, During the review, Repeated colds, Sinusitis, I got urticaria that I had never had before, Never healed
Poor mental state, On the one hand, I am annoyed by myself, why I can’t study quietly, On the one hand, I can’t resist the temptation to swipe my phone and have a daze. Create a vicious circle. Thoughts are often wild, Big enough to survive, What can I do in the future?
Poor relationship, I feel I can’t fall in love, It seems that there has never been a good love, Sometimes I feel that I am very sensible and great, Sometimes I feel whether I am too arrogant and too noisy. I want to be lonely and unwilling to be lonely, Use new feelings to forget the old sadness, The result was a mess. PS singles can be teased
Background: Actually, many people manifestation definition in law around me think that I am a very positive energy healer. But sometimes I feel that my personality is split, There are manifest destiny meaning tagalog many dark sides that no one knows; the appearance is simple, My heart is dirty~; people in the family love me very much, Especially my mother only wants me to be happy, Let me not be too stressed, Very touched; my family feels that I don’t have the vigor that a little girl should have every day, lifeless, I feel so too.
I hope all the little fairies and little princes can~ talk to me
Use your own town

Pursue your dreams: let your dreams light up your life

“The goal of life is not to be happy! We should make law of attraction novel our lives more meaningful, more dignified, and more compassionate! We should keep pursuing, Pursue a better tomorrow! “

——Ralph Waldo Emerson

The long journey of life, There are many important things, One of them is to find the purpose of life. In other words, We do what we like! The purpose of life is to take success for granted, When owning 10 000 000 USD and 7 houses, After traveling around the places I love, We still have dreams we want to realize.

Actually, We work far more time than we spend with our loved ones, therefore, We must love our profession! The 2013 “U. S. Population Work Report” poll showed that70% of Americans are not satisfied with their current job! 50% of Americans cannot devote themselves to work, And about 20% of Americans quit their jobs and leave the company! I used to be like 50% of Americans, In those 5 years, I didn’t want to devote myself to work, That state is terrible! The most terrifying thing is, I didn’t even notice it! Actually, We have some great ideas about ourselves, what we have, and what we want to do. I believe we never lack dreams! But have we acted for our dreams?

Pursue dreams, We must set appropriate goals on the basis of valuing self-worth, We should choose work that is consistent with our values! If our work conforms to our values, We don’t need to repeatedly seek fresh stimuli, All we need to do is stick to what we love. This sentence does not seem to be realistic, But if we can find our purpose in life, Everything will be solved. At that time, You will try to attract others, You will do your best to find opportunities, You will do your best to use all resources, then, Miracles will happen slowly, How natural all this is! Do what you love is the number one magic weapon for success!

My friend Yi Fen follows his ideals, Resolutely left the law school, Sell shoes in a large department store. She loves to help others, Also love shoes, Her choice obviously followed her own values. She is so reckless, Even if people always make fun of her, She still sticks to her ideals. People even call it “the first lady selling shoes. “This should not be a compliment! But she never minded jokes like this, She continued to immerse herself in her ideals. at last, She became the first salesperson of the department store, Annual sales amount to hundreds of thousands. She gets the company’s annual outstanding employee title every year, Her salary is also very impressive. In fact, VIP customers just want to accept her service, Because her service is so attentive. the most important is, She likes this job very much, Every minute and every second she is here is happy!

If you feel like a bee without a direction, Can’t find road signs, No guidance, Don’t know the destination, Or don’t know what to do, Why busy, It’s like being lost, The whole person is imaginary, These are all signs of no purpose in life. But don’t worry, Because as long as you recognize your own problems and status, You can find your goal in life right away! By observing one’s own values, personal skills, hobbies, ambitions and areas of expertise, You can find your goal in life, Because these are the sources of goals. The following questions can help you better determine your life goals. Answer the following questions boldly and sincerely, And write down the answer! Just write it to yourself, So don’t worry about the eyes of others! (Don’t skip any questions, I have been evading for 15 years, Until I face it bravely, My life has changed drastically! )

Please answer the following questions according to your actual situation:

who am I? Why am I here? Why do I exist?

How should I live my life?

when, I feel particularly energetic?

What aspects of life have I cared about most?

time flies, What can I do? What can motivate me to keep moving forward?

What is my biggest advantage?

If success is taken for granted, What is my goal in life?

If I own 10 000 000 USD and 7 houses, After traveling around my favorite places, What is my pursuit in life?

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