How to change life and destiny, law of attraction esther hicks

       Dissatisfaction is the upward wheel, Some people like to be plain, Some people like to be vigorous, Some people are unwilling to be lonely, Some people are willing to fall, But after all, people have to pursue and dream, This kind of life is meaningful, Will be wonderful, How can a person change his life and destiny?

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1. Thought: a person wants to change his life and his destiny, The first is thought, I want to change my current life situation, Not satisfied with the status quo, I feel that the status quo is not what I want or is different from what I think, I can’t live in such a plain life, Want to change, Having this thought is a key factor.

2. Goal: Have an idea to change, We must set a goal for ourselves, Or you have to have an ideal, Goals and ideals are the driving force and guidelines for action, What I want my life to be, What kind of life do I want, These are goals, These goals must be clear and clear.

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3. Hard work: With thoughts, With a goal, Have to work hard, Otherwise it’s a fantasy, Empty talk, Efforts are not just talking, Is to pay more hard work and sweat than others, To endure a lot of setbacks and failures, But still did not give up, Full of confidence, Still struggling, In action, Is preparing, On the way to realize my ideals.

4. Pragmatic: change life and destiny, With ideals, With effort, Also pay attention to is pragmatic, Be practical, You have to know whether your ideal can be realized through your own efforts, If it keeps failing, Suffered setbacks, Then we must calmly consider, Is the direction of my efforts right? Isn’t it a different story?

5. Learning: If a person wants to change his life trajectory and destiny, Must learn, Learning includes one’s own continuous reading, Improve one’s knowledge level, It’s more important to learn the principles of being human, Improve your self-cultivation and temperament, Make yourself more confident, Become stronger, This will make it easier for you to succeed.

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6. Cooperation: The social competition is so fierce now, The era of individual heroism has passed, If you want to succeed, you must learn to cooperate, Cooperation will win-win, Be a bit low-key, Do things high-profile, Discuss with others, Listen to the opinions of others, Take people’s strengths to make up for their weaknesses, This will bring you closer and closer to success.

7. Insight: To change life and destiny, Be always ready, Keep working hard, Also let yourself have keen insight, Be good at spotting opportunities, Seize the opportunity, manifestation magic members areaDare to meet the challenge, Face the difficulties, Opportunities are always around to see if you can discover and seize them.