How to get healthy skin based on, rapid manifestation definition

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Health is everyone’s concern, That love of beauty is also human too much.


  • current manifestation synonym
    1 to 3 red dates
  • A cup of water


  • First of all, We want to drink a glass of water in the morning when we just wake up, Put red dates into a cup of water to brew, This replenishes water, At the same time, red dates are a tonic, Very good for women.

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    Secondly, The red dates we are talking about can be dried, It’s best to soak in water. At the same time, You can also add some goji berries, Raisins etc. , Better effect, A cup every morning, Beauty and longevity. Saying: “Solar eclipse three dates, Immortality”.

  • Finally, Eat some swollen dates, It’s like eating meat and soup, Excellent nutrition.

    I wish you all good health.



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  • Not easy to eat too much, After eating, there will be flatulence.
  • Pay special attention to during menstruation, But be careful, . And jujube contains sugar, People with diabetes should also take it appropriately.
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