How to get the health solution for the grave guard, law of attraction yandhi download

What is the formula for the gravekeeper to obtain the health solution, Players can make various solutions in the game, The synthesis formula of different solutions is also different, So the materials needed are also different, Many players raised questions when making health solutions. What formula can synthesize a healthy solution, In addition, where are the materials needed to obtain, Let the editor answer this series of questions for you. I hope the answers below can help you point the way.

Healthy solution mixing formula:

Salt + burp control = health solution

And the hiccup grass is obtained in the swamp, Needless to say about salt.

The following is attached to the grave guard green points brush method:

The way to get the most green points in a short time is to dig vines. The three shovel has 6 green spots, Also dig sand, Digging clay, All have green spots to take. In addition to farming, Cooking and planing are very fast, Normal mining resources can get a certain amount of red and green points, Studying black internal organs can get the highest blue point, If you still feel that there is not enough, you can believe in researching things.

How to make the permanent light source of Famine, Whether in the game or in real life, The light source is a must, Not only can it illuminate everyone at night, So that everyone no longer gets lost, You can keep warm in the cold winter, Some players just asked, Isn’t there a pigman torch that refreshes randomly? But what you need to know is that the pig torch can only last for a while, Long time, If there is insufficient energy, it will not be possible to achieve lighting. So to make a lighting tool is an urgent task, Do you know the specific production method?

Permanent light source practice steps:

First, the fire extinguisher needs to be placed in the center of the ground.

Then place the wall, If you don’t know how to install it properly, you can refer to the picture below.

manifestation definition business law

Next you need to place the burning material.

Throw a group of woods one by one in the upper left groove and the upper right groove, Then throw a piece of wood at the bottom left, Throw a charcoal at the bottom right.

Try to ignite.

You can also make up a little wall, The purpose is to prevent the law of attraction money player from getting burned when approaching, Is it very caring?

How did Nishuihan organize my backpack and warehouse in a short time? The characters in the game not only need backpacks to store things, It also needs a warehouse to store a lot of items, Because a small backpack cannot store so many things, It’s not a Doraemon’s pocket, So the warehouse is such a function, But because there are too many items in the game, The backpacks and warehouses are always full, Very messy, Sometimes when you need something, you can’t find it at all. So sorting items is one thing many players do, But some players don’t want to waste time on sorting out. So are there any more convenient techniques?

Tips for quick placement of backpacks and warehouses:


Hold law of attraction udemy down the Ctrl key and click Organize in the warehouse, You can organize the entire warehouse.


Hold down the Alt key in the backpack and then click the left mouse button to organize, You can quickly organize all the items in the kit; while holding down the Alt key and clicking with the right mouse button, All the items in the backpack can be lined up in a short time.

What to do when Marvel’s Spider-Man Double Whip Mixed Soldier is fighting, Many players complained, Said that the most annoying monster in this game is the double whip mixed soldier, Under normal circumstances, this kind of monster is not played by holding down the normal situation. So the player is very strenuous when playing, So how can we successfully deal with it? I believe that many players do not understand thoroughly, Let me give you a detailed introduction to the game.

Detailed explanation of double whip miscellaneous monster play:

If manifestation station you are seeing a double whip soldier with a weapon, It’s best to choose to walk under the crotch or shoot directly on the ground. Then hit something and then fight melee, Or the web is tied up and fights melee, Long press the box to fly and kick.

You can hide without props, The advantage of this is that it can quickly increase concentration. If you concentrate enough, you can execute the execution. There are many executions, There is mine, Behind, Drones, l1r1 knocks down or swings.

How do players achieve close output when Monster Hunter World flicks Tyrannosaurus? Tyrannosaurus is a newly updated dinosaur, Many players have reported thatIt’s a bit difficult to fight Tyrannosaurus, Mainly because Tyrannosaurus has a weapon, Is its tail flick, Most players are easily dumped when they play it. And there is no suitable way to deal with it after being dumped, So I can’t beat it all the time, So is there a good way to avoid tail flicking? If you are not sure, let us take a look at how to deal with it.

Ways to deal with Tyrannosaurus tail flick:

The method I will introduce to you below is to do it without any props. Since the tail flick is done twice 180 degrees, So the big tip of the tail will be thrown out more, The melee output we take is generally output from the side of the foot. If you react quickly, you can roll in the direction of your head, This way it will not be so easily thrown by its tail.

What are the steps for NBA2K19 to change the name of My Career, I don’t know if you have played this game recently. According to the editor, The people around the editor have been busy recently. After inquiring about it, I knew that I couldn’t make it in this game. So the fun of this game is not blown out, Yesterday, many players asked how to change the name of My Career. In fact, the steps are not difficult, Let us have a detailed understanding below.

Steps to change My Career name:

1. First select My Career from the main menu on the homepage.

2. If the handle is operated, Just use the handle to press the triangle button, If it is a keyboard, Just choose a new file to create a role.

3. Choose the name you want to change for the name of the created character.

4. Return to the main menu after completion.

5. Finally read the original old MC file and successfully changed it. You later discover that the old MC name is overwritten by the new name.

ps: Because the above method will also synchronize the setting of covering face, Therefore, it is best not to change the face settings without special circumstances.

How should everyone in NBA2K19 successfully clear the customs when playing in the Hall of Fame? The Hall of Fame is a level in the game, Not to mention a novice player, Even old players can’t cope, Note that it takes a lot of skills in this level to pass the level, And what are these techniques, I believe that many players do not understand, Next, let me introduce how to pass customs.

NBA2K19 Hall of Fame play skills:

1. The difficulty lies in the Hall of Fame. The shape is a 6-foot-6 dribble shot, Many three-pointers are 40-50. Because I am looking for a cool lens, I must be more cautious. 100, 000 vc masters added dribble and 3 points. Two are enough.

2. Currently three points are full marks, 73 points, 78 points, 75 points, This is enough, Counter minor disturbances, Successful pick-and-rolls and job vacancies are basically accessible, The average hit rate is 40-50%. The secret lies in the jump shot.

3. Three o’clock timing: counterattack, One step at the bottom corner, The bottom corner is used to cover the flanking moving ball, The pick and roll is complete, Move to the restricted area, Then ran back to the center cover. Everyone began to brush up badges related to these three points. The upper limit is 5000, Samsung training is 700, the speed is very fast. it’s here, The highest output is pick and roll shooting, The next one is the pick and roll.

4. This generation of pick-and-rolls is more difficult, But I still find that the success rate is very high: as long as the position of the teammates in the pick and roll station and the position of the players are on the same side, It is still easy to pick and roll. therefore, While teammates are running towards you, The cards that change the ball to the pick-and-roll direction are more likely to be blocked, And can make a one-stop decision directly, Because this generation has changed, Even if the defender represents you. In addition, Don’t wave and jump are not interference, Most of the time it is an open space.

5. The layup will not be difficult, The success rate of the throw and the pace of Europe can be, The decision to throw is far away, The center cannot throw it very far.

How does Marvel’s Spider-Man do when he dives 250 meters? The character of Spiderman has always been an idol in the hearts of players. I admire him for making incredible moves, I admire him for being able to complete unfinished tasks at the very moment, Just like the 250-meter dive mission we will talk about in a few days, Many players are stuck in this task, Don’t know how to do it, Next, I will introduce how to complete the task.

To complete the task of diving 250 meters:

When jumping from a tall building, When approaching the goal, There will be a dive, After reaching a certain distance, press r2 to swing again. It is only feasible to press r2 after reaching a certain distance.

What are the skills of how NBA2K19 succeeds? In previous generations of games, players were required to be successful. Also in this generation, players need to do it, But the requirements are even higher, It’s not just simply pressing any key, It requires certain skills, Many players fell into the pit during operation, Therefore, it is impossible to achieve excellence. Many players are asking for help online, Let me give you an analysis of outstanding skills, Hope to help everyone.

NBA2K19 outstanding skills at a glance:

The plan we want to adopt is to break into the inside, This method has a great chance of success.

When you are on the perimeter, keep the distance between the dribble and the defending player farther away. Then pull the joystick back and move left and right at the same time, At the same time they called a pick and roll, When the pick and roll players come up, There must be a distance between you and the defensive player. Then change direction and then break again, Can be successful.

Remember to call the pick and roll here, But if you call a power forward or center pick-and-roll, The inside line may be emptied, Directly encountered a takeoff burst.

NBA2K19 wants to figure out what data it needs to have the same face shape as Jordan, Michael·Jordan, a former American professional basketball player, Play shooting guard, nickname“Flying man”, He is the omnipotent god on the basketball court, He is the first person in NBA history recognized worldwide, Players have the same feeling in this game too, Some players even want to squeeze a face similar to Jordan, But I don’t know how to choose the data of pinching face. Below I will bring you detailed face pinching data, If you want to try it, you can refer to the distance below to start.

Jordan face related data:

Head: choose the fifth one, Which is the first of the second line

Hair: Bald

Skull: Skull 3 (11, 18)

Brow bone: default (14, 5, 3, 13)

Eyebrows: eyebrows 8 (black)

Eyes: default (brown, 5, 2, 4, 5, 0, 4)

Ear: Ear 2 (18, 8, 8, 10)

Nose: Nose 8 (2, 11, 2, 11, 9, 8)

Jawbone: Jawbone 4 (11, 0)

Mouth: Mouth 6 (8, 2, 0, 10, 13, 13)

Beard: No

Chin: Default (0, 15, 7, 6, 10)

Skin: the darkest

Height: 6

Weight: 216 pounds

Wingspan: 83 inches

The above data is for reference only, Doesn’t feel very similar, The player can modify it according to the face shape.

How to get the heavy crossbow in Monster Hunter World PC version that has not yet installed the Xuanhui Dragon mission, Xuanhuilong’s derivative weapons are valued by many players. The heavy crossbow is one of them, This is why many players want to get it. However, there is no task of installing Xuanhuilong in the PC version of the game. So it’s a bit complicated to get a heavy crossbow. In fact, it is obtained through CE modification, So how do you do it? Next, you can take a look at it in detail with us.

Xuanhui Dragon Heavy Crossbow CE modification steps:

1. Players who do not have a CE modifier need to download it first. Then open the ce software after the game process is confirmed to be turned on, And select the process

2. Buy a piece of equipment in the game, Let’s take cortex a as an example, Then enter the enhanced interface

3. Buy another sharp armor to strengthen

4. Search 20 with ce

5. Repeat step 3 and strengthen again, Then search for 40

6. This step has been repeated every time +20, Until there are 2 addresses left

7. As shown below

8. Right click the first address again, Browse related memory area

9. Then right click on the address underneath any number and right click, Display type——4 bytes (DEC) will do

10. Create a heavy iron crossbow in the shop, Remind everyone that the heavy crossbow must be behind the leather a in the backpack, Is the first

11. Select 20 in the value, That is the 20 next to 12), Modify 20 to 114.

12. At the end you will find the heavy crossbow lying in your backpack

How can Marvel’s Spider-Man finishing skills be used quickly, Finishing is a skill in the game, This skill is very friendly to many players, But most players can’t use it quickly. In fact, quick use can achieve better results. I believe that many players are looking forward to the quick use of this skill. Next, I’m going to introduce you to the techniques of using finishing moves quickly, Friends who are interested in this, come and learn about it with us.

Quick analysis of finishing skills:

The premise of using this skill is not to hurt yourself, Also, if the combo count is high, this skill will accumulate quickly.

There are bonuses for air combos, After clicking the skills, R1’s launcher will also increase a certain concentration value. Just keep yourself unharmed, More perfect avoidance, There are a lot of air combos, I can knock down an enemy after 40 combos, And the focus value is full at once.

How can the runners on the cold Song-Liao line be effective in a short time? Many players spend a lot of time when they are running business. Sometimes time is spent but there is not much effect. Today we are going to introduce a way to run business quickly in a short time. It is to save a lot of time when doing Song-Liao line, Let’s take a look at the following introduction for the specific situation.

Recommended routes for runners on Song-Liao Line:

The first thing to do is after the gang gets the ticket, Let’s look at the prices of gang goods, Spend all the money you have, Do not hesitate. Then the route is Songliao-Cizhou-Hangzhou-Xianyuanju-Bianjing. When you sell your products this time, You made about 10w5 money, You can buy goods and go directly to Bianjing; when Bianjing goods are sold out, There will be a button prompting you to go back and hand in the ticket on the interface, Remember not to click and also do not click the npc shortcut button in the taskbar.

Here is an introduction to the price of gang products:

Red goods can be bought from 8000 to 1w, The price is basically stable at 1. 2w

Blue goods can be bought below 6000, The price is about 8000

Yellow products can be bought under 3000, The price is about 4000 and below

Green goods can be bought from 4000 to 5000, The price is about 5000 to 6000

How can computers with lower scum configuration increase the number of frames? Some time ago, we also introduced you to ways to increase the number of frames, Of course that is the method for computers under normal conditions, Today we are going to tell you the solution to the game flow caused by low computer configuration. Everyone knows that if the configuration is low, the number of frames is definitely not high. So how to increase the frame rate of low-end computers? Use this method if it is practical.

SCUM method to increase the configuration of lower computer frames:

First find the scum SCUM game on steam, Then select attributes, Enter to set startup options

After entering the setting startup options, Enter in the startup item“-USEALLAVAILABLECORES -heapsize 6291456 -refresh 60 ”.

If the graphics card configuration is low, you need to add -d3d9, Because this is very useful for low-end graphics cards.

Attached below are the -heapsize data selected by the scum for different system memory:

512MB system memory: -heapsize is“262144”

1GB system memory: -heapsize is“524288”

2GB system memory: -heapsize is“1048576”

3GB system memory: -heapsize is“1572864”

4GB system memory: -heapsize is“2097152”

5GB system memory: -heapsize is“2621440”

6GB system memory: -heapsize is“3145728”

7GB system memory: -heapsize is“3670016”

8GB system memory: -heapsize is“4194304”

16GB system memory: -heapsize is“6291456”

Do you know the pictures of the scum C1 and C2 bunker maps, There will be several bunkers on the map in the game, If the player wants to enter, You must be very familiar with the structure of the bunker. Because there are high-health robots guarding around the bunker, And the construction of these bunkers is very complicated, Not an entrance on the left, Is the exit on the right, I believe that many players who entered are very dizzy. Let me introduce to you the shape of the C1 and C2 bunker maps. I hope to help you get familiar and easily enter it.

C1C2 bunker map sharing:



World of Warcraft 8. 0Where can I get the alarm clock accessories that never stop, WCL is 8. The latest group book in 0, Many players showed up with alarm clocks, Careful players discovered that these alarm clocks can never stop. So many players are asking for help where to get this accessory, Because the first kill of warrior h on the wcl list and the big secret realm are all with this accessory, It can be said that the beloved players simply cannot survive, Let me introduce you to the location of this alarm clock.

Where to get the never-ending alarm clock accessories:

In Nazmir, you can swipe the alarm clock that never stops, There is a rare crocodile in this place, If you stand here, the small map will indicate rare. If there is no rarity, In the original place, only a normal crocodile was used. So only rare crocodiles will drop the never-ending alarm clock, Everyone must remember correctly.

If this accessory is installed now, the level can be accelerated, There was none in the early days, It is because the player has been repaired later to have such a good experience.

How to operate the buttons in NBA2K19 advanced offense and advanced defense, In the previous version of the game, everyone knows how to operate advanced, But with the upgrade of the new version, Many previous operations are no longer applicable, So in 2K19, How do you advance it, I believe that many players want to know the specific plan, Next, let me give you a detailed introduction, If you are also confused, come and have a look with us.

Introduction to advanced offense and advanced defensive operations:

Advanced offense

Call pause: press the back button when attacking

2K Smart Tactical Call: Press the LB button and use the right joystick to call quick tactics and team-specific dynamic tactics, Tactics will vary depending on the situation and on-site personnel

Position tactical call: press the LB button and then press the teammate’s action to build, Select tactics from the menu

Basics of pick-and-roll control: press and hold the LB button to let your teammates set a screen

Pick-and-roll control side: press and hold the LB button, Use the RT key to select the direction

Pick and roll control cut in or out: hold down the LB button, Use the RB button to select cut or pull

Cut outside after pretending to cover: After calling the pick and roll, Press the LB button again before the screen player is hit, Let him pretend to cover and cut in or pull away

Positioning pick-and-roll control: press the LB button and then press the teammate’s action to let him set up a screen

Bottom line slip: After making a shot, The serving player can move along the baseline, Hold down the LT button and use the right stick to move the server

Advanced defense

Intentional foul: Press repeatedly or hold down near the ball holder①

Double teamwork: hold down the LB button

Positioning double teamwork: hold down the LB button, Then press the action button of the desired double team

The team fouls intentionally: press the back button to make the team try to commit a foul

Defensive pressure adjustment: press the LB button, Then press the action corresponding to the desired defender, And select defensive strategy from the menu

What to pay attention to when Marvel Spider-Man clears the levels, No one can imagine the popularity of this game. There are already many players who have cleared the Platinum level. If there is no fiery enthusiasm on the road to platinum, Definitely can’t, But for many novice players, There is a certain degree of difficulty to clear the customs, However, as long as you understand some precautions, you can do a good job in customs clearance. So what should we pay attention to, Come and see with us.

Analysis of matters needing attention for smooth customs clearance:

The general difficulty of the whole process, Platinum is not difficult, Unless the challenge token is used to upgrade the device, Then you need to spend a little time to challenge the golden cup to get tokens to buy battle clothes. 20 puzzles in the lab can be skipped forever, It will not affect the trophy.

The graphics are good in the game, But it is still worse than the horizon. The wall collision is also good.

Before getting R2 swing acceleration, Use L2 + R2 to match the time, press“X”More conducive to running the map.

The disadvantage is the second son, Too many battles in the later stages will be exhausted, Except for some fat enemies, Melee can be used for melee“Box” – “Circle” – “Box”  – “Box”brainless, Ranged enemies can first“Triangle”Close to“Box” – “Circle” – “Box” – “Box”, Because gorgeous does not mean practical, Level 50 will kill mixed soldiers in seconds, So simple is often best for fatigued combat.

“All are equal”Used to brush the battle to challenge the gold cup can do more with less.

The game is basically“Run chart” “task” “Qing map” “Go shopping”.

There is also a hidden element in the game that has nothing to do with trophies. It is the location where the photos are hidden. There are 50 places in total. The whole photo will get a battle suit, But the uniform has nothing to do with all trophies. There is a uniform technique. Show hidden places on the map.

Marvel’s Spider-Man will not automatically deal with 4K, The game is based on Spider-Man as its core mission. So many players like this game not average, However, many players have recently reported such a problem. Is when entering the game, There will be situations where 4K is not automatic, For novice players, This question is a bit difficult, Old drivers won’t find it difficult, So how to solve this problem?

No automatic 4K resolution steps:

1. Open the settings, Select external input

2. Select the HDMI signal format at the bottom of the external input

Three, look after entering, Choose an enhanced format, Enter the game again, it will automatically 4K

What to pay attention to when unlocking the ancient dragon in Monster Hunter World, I believe that the experience of this game gives everyone a different feeling. So many players have joined the game team one after another, Many novice players will come to the stage of fighting the ancient dragon after going through many levels. But some people don’t even know how to unlock the ancient dragon of the war. Some players even waste a lot of time on this, It turned out to be nothing, So what should we do?

Key points to unlock the ancient dragon:

In most cases, to unlock the ancient dragon of the war is to start the task of the war of the unicorn. First, you can follow him to touch his footprints for a while, Don’t be too troublesome here, After finding out five or six ancient dragons before investigating, Wait until the investigation is completed and then pass the task. Of course if the task has passed, Then you have to go to the wild to feel it, If you are lucky, you can find a few.

Another way is to enter other players’ quests of ancient dragons, Then touch it out by touching the footprints.

World of Warcraft 8. 0How to get low-guarantee boxes in some places, The Great Rift System is a system unlocked by the game this week. In this system, players only need to complete certain tasks to get the low security box next week. So what are the requirements to get it? And where is the location obtained? I believe that many players have this question, Let me give you a brief introduction. Hope to help you find the low-guarantee box.

Recommended locations for obtaining low-guarantee boxes:

The previous version is 7. The 0 version of the minimum security box is in the professional halls, 8. What is the specific explanation for 0 at present, After all, it won’t open until next week, However, we guess that some places can get low-guarantee boxes.

1. On the ship leading to the new map, Next to the task table for assigning entourage

2. At both PVP strongholds, You can open the map and find the camp emblem on the map of your camp

3. It may be next to the transmogist in the main city, Because the roll coins and special merchants we introduced to you were found there

How does Marvel’s Spider-Man shuttle in the game operate the buttons? We mentioned earlier that this is a game with Spiderman as the theme. Many players’ idols when they were young, In such an action game, Various actions are indispensable, Like some spider web bounce, Run the wall and so on, Of course this same is called shuttle, So what is the specific operation? If you also imagine some old drivers playing, then let’s take a look at the following button operation introduction.

Shuttle operation instructions:

Swing: hold down the R2 button

Jump: press×key

Cobweb bounce: press×key, If you are in the air, Can do web bounce

Bounce to a fixed point: Press the L2+R2 keys. Remind everyone that the fixed point that can bounce will have a white circle prompt

Fixed point leap: Press L2+R2 key and×key. When jumping to a fixed point, When you reach the ground and press jump, you can rush forward and increase extra speed

Run the wall: press the R2 key on the wall

Vertical jump wall: press×key. When running on the wall, Can accelerate movement

Turning on the wall: When approaching the corner of the building, Press ○ to automatically turn

Ceiling suspension: When on the ceiling, Press the L2 button to hang down from the ceiling, You can use the left joystick to rise and fall

The following is attached to the Marvel Spider-Man aerial combat operations:

Knock to fly: hold down the □ key.

Strike after hitting: After hitting, press □ key

Air Combo: After hitting the fly, press □, □, □, □ keys

Flying kick: □ key, ×key

Throwing in the air: press and hold △ after hitting

How to deal with the blurry picture of NBA2K19? In this generation of games, players can’t escape the fate of blurry pictures. Once the picture is blurred, it will cause a bad experience. Two important content cannot be seen clearly, How should players solve the problem when they encounter a type of problem? I believe that many novice players have encountered such problems. Now I will give you a brief introduction, Hope to help everyone.

Image blur processing method:

First turn on the material effect and adjust it to the highest level, If this still doesn’t work, just increase the resolution. With this setting, the screen will no longer be blurred. You can try it.

The following is attached to NBA2K19 MC and MT offensive scoring skills:

MC offense:

The easiest and most effective way is to carry the body. People with average skills can choose some player cards with strong back attack ability to use. In addition, MC modeling can also bring back the body ability, As long as you master the sinking step and backing skills, It’s easy to do.

MT offense:

Remember to choose a defensive player card online, Otherwise, these three threats can easily be sifted.

As for the defensive end without any skills, The normal inside line is defended. On the offensive end, You need to rely on athletes and preferably tall, After halftime, The ball is given to the player, In many cases, the opponent team’s position is the matchup. Grind in directly with your back, There are two situations at this time, The opposing point guard should give the defensive ball to his point guard for an open shot. No one prevents the defense from entering directly.

What is the reason for the tube burst in the hypoxic glass factory? Many players have completed the construction of the glass factory, Will find such a problem, It’s easy to burst pipes, So what causes this, Is there any good way to solve it, Many players are looking for answers, Don’t worry, I will introduce to you why the glass factory bursts, What to do if you don’t want to burst the tube, If you are interested, please join us.

The reason why the glass factory will burst:

Because the glass factory cannot be completely insulated, It produces molten glass with a temperature of 1700+ degrees, So this huge temperature difference will increase the speed of heat conduction, There will be a pipe burst phenomenon.

The molten glass 1 has solidified at 100+ degrees, Therefore, the problem can be solved by troubleshooting before solidification. In addition, I found that molten glass would still cool down in ordinary abyss pipelines. The heat is used to heat the ordinary pipeline of the abyss, But the abyss insulated pipe will not.

If you don’t want the glass factory to burst, just do it, Cut the pipe as short as possible.

What to do in Monster Hunter World to enable the follower expedition function, The entourage expedition team in the game can help players collect materials on other maps when hunting. But it’s not just use it directly, It needs to enable this function, But many players don’t know how to turn it on. Let me give you a specific introduction to the opening steps. If you don’t know, you can take a look with us.

Steps to start the entourage expedition:

Step 1: First, the player needs to push the main mission to the Coral Land, Then open the research base, Don’t get the order wrong, Follow this order (investigation base->Ancient Tree Forest->Big Ant Mound Area->Research Base->Land Coral Terrace->Valley of Miasma->Land of Dragon Crystals).

Step 2: Enter the lowest level of the research base to find a white-haired mother-in-law, Then talk to her, Then you can start the expedition.

Step 3: Finally, you can come to the old woman or use this follower expedition function to talk to the housekeeper in the hut.

Remind everyone, The entourage expedition must get someone else’s guild business card to use it.

After the NBA2K19 game is online, everyone is experiencing it, There are also some friends who want to make archive modifications, But I don’t know where the NBA2K19 game is saved. So let’s tell you the specific location of the NBA2K19 archive directory. If you don’t know, please take a look at the following list of NBA2K19 archive directory locations. I believe it will bring you more convenience for playing games.

Where is the NBA2K19 archive directory

Many friends in the game said that they could not find the specific location of the save. Let’s take a look at the following nba2k19 archive location search method.

NBA2K19 archive location search

The first is in the userdata folder in the archive directory under the Steam directory

The second search method is:

1. First we find in the game catalog“steam_emu. ini”File and open it;

2. 然后利用查找功能找到这些信息:Users\Public\Documents\Steam\CODEX\577800

3. The following is the specific location of the game archive:


How to eat chicken efficiently in the Call of Duty 15 Battle Royale mode test server, There was no chicken eating mode in this game before. Prior to this, it was mainly based on the multiplayer battle royale mode. Recently, the chicken-eating model has gradually opened to the outside world. Was it a pleasant surprise to hear these news? So is the chicken eating here the same as the chicken eating in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds? In the new mode, what skills do players need to master to win? Next, come with us to understand the necessary skills.

A list of tips for eating chicken on the test server:

1. When the needle is pressed, The character can move and find a lid to avoid boxing.

2. Initial HP 150, You can add 200 HP, plus 1, 2, 3 armor, TTK is so long, The blood is thick.

3. It’s okay if you don’t understand English. Just press and hold the mouth to use it. “帄”It is the skill grenades.

4. “mouth”Is equipped to the current weapon, “△”Put the accessories in the backpack.

5. Zoom in and zoom out the big map trigger, “R1”Mark the location, “L1”Unmark.

6. The left joystick for loading operation is driving, The right joystick is the direction.

7. Hide this good thing in the place indicated by the cursor.

8. The character blood is really thick, But remember to find cover when you cover.

9. There are zombies in the game, Marvel weapons and zombies draw boxes.

10. You can set the minimap to be square or circular.

World of Warcraft 8. 0How to do Monster Jump in Liberty Town reasonably, The Great Rift System was unlocked this week, Presumably the players have already experienced it, Due to the opening of the new system, There are even more people playing this game, I think the game is a bit slow, Ha ha, Joke, But many players don’t know how to jump monsters in Liberty Town, In fact, this requires certain requirements to achieve, Moderate difficulty, Next, I will bring you a picture as an introduction.

Analysis of the requirements of Jiefang Town:

Very simple, As long as the value in the figure below is rounded up to 100%, the requirement can be completed. But the wave of entering the door can be jumped directly, As for the back, you can gather them all at the door of the third room. If you want to adopt a better style of play, you can adjust it according to the team’s configuration. This is unconstrained.

World of Warcraft 8. 0 Do you know how to jump monsters in the rich mining area? Earlier, I told you how to jump monsters in Liberty Town, I believe that many players have gone to experience it, There are many questions in the newly unlocked Great Rift System that require players to answer. You know there are 10 copies in this system, Is it very happy in my heart, Without further ado, Below I will introduce to you the method of jumping monsters in the rich mining area:

Introduction to Monster Jumping in the Rich Mine Area:

Same as Freetown, It is also necessary to collect the values to 100% to complete the requirements. However, because there are so many monsters in the rich mining area and it is easy to ADD, So I suggest that everyone must be as clear as possible before they are one year old. When there is no difficulty in the later stage, you can selectively jump monsters.

World of Warcraft 8. 0 How do the mobs in the Diyuan Spore Lin mine jump monsters? In the Great Rift System unlocked this week, There are a total of 10 copies waiting for everyone to open, I believe that many players are looking forward to it, In these 10 instances, there are different mining areas waiting for players to capture, Players in these 10 copies will randomly obtain the rice key, Today we are going to introduce to you the strategy of how to complete monster jumping in Diyuan Spore Forest Mine. If you have any questions about this, let us take a look.

Diyuan Spore Forest Jumping Monster Strategy:

Like the several mining areas we introduced before, It is also necessary to make up the values to 100% to complete the requirements. But one area is relatively simple, The mobs at the gate and in front of the third child can selectively jump monsters according to the configuration of the player’s own team. Remind everyone, The wave of worms in front of the tail king can be skipped directly. There is no need for thieves or war-recovery professions. If you don’t believe it, you can try it.

How can live football 2019 scouts get their cards for free, The latest sequel to this football game is currently on sale. Friends who have been talking about before can buy the experience, Players who have experienced it have discovered that the scouts can join cards. But it takes a lot of money, So some people are asking if they can combine the card for free, The editor researched all night, Found a free method, Next, I will introduce the free card formula to everyone.

Scout free card formula:

First, I want to combine the scouts, It must be free, Then there are requirements, It must be a 4-star rating.

Asensio = Spanish League + LMF + ground pass

HULK=other Asian leagues+RWF+body contact

If you are a 4-star player, you can follow the above formula to try if you can combine the scouts.

How can live football 2019 improve the team’s strength without krypton gold? The strength of the entire team in the game is what players value most. So the first goal of many people is to improve the strength of the team. Some players rely on technology, And some players rely on money to buy, Of course if you have money you can be willful, But how do you upgrade players when you have no money? How to do it, Next, I will bring you all the skills to improve the team’s strength. If you are also struggling to find a way, then join our quest for knowledge.

Ways to improve the team’s strength:

The method I want to introduce here is to keep hanging the sim, Then go to upgrade the players, But it’s best to suggest that everyone form a white ball team, Keep hanging, Don’t renew your contract after 10 games. To use a new white ball team, Repeated operations, This way, a lot of GP can be improved in a day.

The following is attached to the live football 2019 white ball player selection:

1. Choose players from low-level league teams, There are a lot of 69 or 70 cupronickel is the main or first substitute for these teams.

2. Choose players with high key values, You don’t have to deliberately choose tall players who are in contact with the body and jump higher and take the header skills. It is recommended to focus on passing explosive speed and offensive and defensive ability.

3. Choose the right off-ball game style and computer game style, DMF backer + interception, AMF or CMF, The 442 formation forward recommends false moves + poachers, Or poacher + poacher.

How to win against the computer in live football 2019, Players can not only compete with other players when playing this game, The most important thing is that you can also play against the computer, Some players disdain to play with the computer, As everyone knows, the computer is harder to win, Many players lost to the computer during the battle, Can you win the computer? Many players have raised this question, Let me introduce to you the skills of the battle, See if everyone can win the computer in this way?

Analysis of Winning Computer Skills:

1. High-speed and short-distance transmission on the roadside, Back to the bottom line a short distance, Coordinating three or four players by means of short cross transmission etc. , Waiting to enter the middle of the penalty area or about to enter two players, The ball will pass into the penalty area. Then pass the ball at least three or more times in the penalty area, Such as short pass or short pass, Through the penalty area or any method, Until the player who ran out of the goal immediately hit the goal. in other words, The possibility of passing the ball to a player in the penalty area to score one or two goals is very low! The success rate of a shot is almost zero. Almost 60% of the goals are like this. The two features that this method is most concerned about, One is multiple passes, Until the gap is used up, The other is to master the rhythm, High-speed transmission, Not giving the computer a response to the pass, Especially the shot before the last pass, Can’t drag, Otherwise the goalkeeper will return.

2. The frontcourt was forced to immediately counterattack after stealing the ball, And there will be many opportunities to get rid of this gap. Occupational difficulties will encounter many such situations, But if it is the most difficult, That would be much less. The way to fight back is either to limit the edge of the area and start a world wave, Or find the gap directly, If not, go back to the first method.

3. In the middle of the restricted area, About 5 meters away, A 45-degree high-altitude ball was blown into the middle of the penalty area. Messi uses this method to enter two. The header attempt from the sideline did not enter the ball. Just pass the ball near the penalty area, And scored a header.

4. This midfielder often passes the ball. Back to cross pass and short pass, Then take the ball slowly, Speed up the pass until you find a gap. Until the opportunity of Method 1 or Method 2 appears.

5. Patience is very important, Don’t enter 2 goals and start grabbing the ball. Once the backcourt misses the possibility of scoring, The probability is very high.

As for defense, You can also play in the frontcourt, Once you return to half of yourself, Don’t chase the ball, Or you will fly a kite through AI. Keep an area and observe which player is not the target. Pick up the ball and run to the area to defend. Become a member of the defense system. And observe possible exit lines, if possible, Actively occupy the middle position of the traffic line. Once the ball enters the penalty area, It’s hard to react, So try to solve the problem outside the restricted area.

World of Warcraft 8. 0How does the rice farm jump monster operate, Waycrest Manor is one of the 10 instances in the Great Rift System. In this instance, players will have the opportunity to obtain the key to rice, But if you want to get the key, you need a reasonable monster jump. I have introduced you to a few instances of monster jumping methods. Of course, the way of jumping monsters in this instance will not be different. Next, let us take a look at the specific monster jumping strategy.

Waycrest Manor Jumping Monster Introduction:

It is also necessary to round up some values in the figure below to 100%, But this manor is a bit complicated, Need to be handled carefully. But the route of the manor is relatively free, Players can jump monsters according to their team’s configuration. You can follow the recommendations in the figure below to jump monsters.

What should I do if NBA2K19 cannot be used in the current area and the game cannot be played? This game is currently on sale on Steam, Some players sent a serious question after purchasing, It’s a sample that cannot be used in the current region when you log in to the game. Then the problem is that the game cannot be opened, Can’t play at all, I don’t know if you have encountered such a problem, Don’t worry, I will introduce you to the solution.

The solution cannot be used in the current region:

1. Log in to steam first, Click on the account information in the upper right corner, select“Account details”

2. Then click Update Store Country/Region

3. In need“Choose your country/region”You can select the current country and region here, Of course we choose China

4. Restart steam again, You can start the game. You must restart steam

How does the green hell move things home quickly, In this survival game, Players can easily get some important items in the wild, If you want to take these items home, the most mindless way is to move them one by one. If there are too many things and they are too big, how do you move them home? Below I will introduce to you a quick handling method, These we need to borrow black technology, Let’s take a look at the following introduction for the specific situation.

Recommended methods of handling items:

The best way is to make a production table, If you have a production station, Even if you find a big rock, It doesn’t take much effort to move back, Just put it on the production table, No matter how many pieces you put, Then you have to run home, Of course it was to my own home, It should be noted that you must not press the TAB key in the middle, Otherwise, the things you finally picked up are gone, When you get home, press the Q key, Things will appear before your eyes.

In addition to transporting stones, Like some logs, Big tree trunks are fine. Also remind everyone, If you encounter a savage halfway home, you can also press the Q key to put it down.

How did Marvel’s Spider-Man successfully get the stealth attack and bomb attack trophies, There are various challenges in the game, And these challenges correspond to various trophies, However, many players encountered difficulties in obtaining trophies for stealth attacks and bomb attacks. It means that neither of these two trophies can be successfully won, So what is a good way to obtain these two trophies? If you are also struggling, come and learn more with us.

Methods to obtain stealth and bomb attack gold medals:

Remember not to knock down from behind or at a high altitude when you sneak attack. Only use the impact spider silk to knock down from a long distance, Only in this way can you save a lot of time, It must be fast during a bomb attack, Faster is better, L1R1 can be carried out in the air. You can use l2+r2 for bombsAnd it’s almost time to click x, The route must be chosen beforehand.

Remind everyone that you want to move the fastest in the air is L2R2 plus the upgraded jump. Then use X to adjust the direction of the connection. And swinging is the most undesirable, Because the swing is the slowest, So stay in swing time as little as possible. After doing this, these two trophies can be successfully won.

What to pay attention to when Marvel’s Spider-Man switches suits, I don’t know if you have continued to play this Spider-Man game recently. Anyway, the editor is always playing, There is no problem to share with you, Many players have this question, It is when the player finds that he has changed other clothes when he is switching the clothes. The skills of the previous suit are still on the body, For example, wearing a bulletproof suit, Then change into other clothes that are not bulletproof, But his own skills are still bulletproof, And the skills of the suit on the body did not reflect, So what should we do?

Requirements for switching suit skills:

Because the suit will only switch skills synchronously for the first time after unlocking, This is the first time I wore this suit, And the skills of the suit will appear, The main skills must be switched manually in the future, If there is no manual, This skill cannot be reflected.

Remind everyone, The second option in the suit is skills. In other words, The appearance and skills of the suit can be freely matched, You can match which skill you want to choose.

Here is where the Marvel Spider-Man Platinum Tokens are suitable:

If you want to achieve platinum, It’s about using tokens to unlock the suit, As for others, there is no priority concept, It’s all right.

What should Marvel’s Spider-Man do if he wants to travel fast, The fast moving function exists in the game, But it needs to be unlocked by the player to use it, Some players find that they can’t be used after unlocking, Was it the wrong way to operate it or did you choose the right tool? I have encountered this problem before, Now I will briefly introduce the reasons to you, Hope the following introduction can help you to use it correctly.

Introduction of fast-moving travel methods and requirements:

If you want to travel quickly, you have to take the subway. But if you order it in advance, it can’t be reachedBecause you have to wait for the plot to arrive, If the relevant plot appears, Click directly on the map“》”This special icon will do.

If you see a double green arrow under the building on the big map, it means you can take the subway. The desire for fast-moving travel can be achieved.

ps: In Manhattan, you can go to the subway and take the subway.

What can the green hell do to restore life and physical strength? When players encounter various things in the wild, Cause his blood volume and blood bar to decrease slowly, If it is not resolved in time, life will be threatened. In this case, how do players restore the HP and the upper limit of the HP bar? Under what circumstances should we make corresponding supplements? I believe that many players have such confusion, Now let me introduce to you how to restore the upper limit of the health bar.

Ways to restore vitality:

To restore the current upper limit of life and physical strength, you must eat more barbecue or stew. But when there is a water meter icon on your life bar blinking, Indicates that one or more abilities have to be consumed, I have to add it quickly, And this time you need to add mushrooms, Fruit, Coconut meat to increase the upper limit of vitality, If not in time, it is easy to die.

The coordinates of the green hell map are attached below:

The white font is an ordinary camp; the yellow font is a camp with important props or design drawings; the red font is also a camp with important props or design drawings. But there are savages, At least 5 or so; the red star is a recommended camp.

What are the steps for scum to make the proposed weapon, Everyone knows that this is a survival game, Weapons are very important in such a game, feels like

In dangerous situations, the situation will be very different if you have weapons to defend yourself. But many players do not have weapons in the game, And don’t know how to make it, This makes it very

Many people broke their brains, Don’t worry, Next, I will introduce you to the process of making weapons, If you lack weapons, you can learn with us.

Making weapons tutorial:

One, first collect 2 0s. Make stone knives with 5KG heavy stones, Mainly used to collect from shrubs“Branches”Or break down clothes into“Rags”, To do this

These must be picked up or held in hand.

Second, go and collect 5 0s. 2KG weight“Small branches”Make“Bark rope”, “Small branches”You can use a stone knife to chop the bushes to collect, If there are bigger trees

The branches can be chopped into multiple twigs.

3. Combine the two 1KG stones we obtained in the two steps above, 1 0. Branches above 3KG, 1 rag and 1 bark rope make a stone axe; and 2 1kg stones make an axe

blade. You can collect branches in the bushes, The rags can disassemble the shirt of the prison uniform.

4. Then collect three rags, 1 bark rope making“Simple backpack”, The rags here are obtained by disassembling prison uniform pants.

5. Use 2 stones, 1 0. 3kg or more branches and 1 bark rope, Make a stone spear.

The axe made above can be used for logging, You can also deal with zombies when you encounter them. Carry extra rags on your body, In case you get wounds after being attacked

A rag can be used for simple disposal.

How to drive in Fortnite to quickly gain skill points, Many players want to gain some skill points in the game, Suffering from not finding a suitable method, Now let me tell everyone, If you challenge the task of driving, you can get some skill points, So do you know how to do it, Let me introduce to you a few ways to get skill points, If you are also entangled, come and have a look with us.

Ways to improve driving scores to gain skill points:

1. Choose to drive a golf cart, With new claw hooks and find a tree or high point, It’s probably more than 10, 000 points at one time, Doing it a few more times can be just over 150, 000 points.

2. Build a long slope, The storey height is probably controlled at five or six storeys, Put another bouncing trap, Let the shopping cart or kart drive up, There are 100, 000 points in a few revolutions.

3. You can also drive directly to find the cube to hit, If you hit a cube, you can pass it about five times.

World of Warcraft 8. 0What are the uses after getting the BUFF on the front lines of the war? The front line of war is the game 8. 0 new gameplay, In the new mode, players of the tribe can enter the scene battle, This news really excited many players, So many players got the buff that stood upright on the front lines of the war. I have to say that I am very farsighted, But novice players who don’t know yet don’t know what it does. Let me give you a brief introduction.

Obtained the analysis of the role of BUFF:

If your game work is also done sufficiently, Acquired a buff that stood upright on the front lines of the war, As long as you have this BUFF mission, you can return to the altar of your own camp, And you can transfer jobs on the altar, So as to become a hero.

As for the location of the altar, everyone can build it together in their own camp.

How to operate the buttons in live football 2019 diving, Although this is a simulation game, But in the game, players can also make a lot of complex and realistic actions, This looks the same as the movements of the players on the court, Today we are going to introduce to you how to operate the diving, Flop is in the process of sports confrontation, Player A was hit by player B, But the A player is not actually knocked down. But in order to create a foul by player B, After player A was hit by player B, The body fell down, So how do you operate the buttons in the game? Friends who are not sure about it, come and learn about it with us.

A series of complex action button operations:

Flop: press +LB+LT together with the left and right joysticks

Dribble: Control the left stick

Close control: press RT button + left stick

Rapid dribbling: left stick + RB key

Speed burst: RB key×2+Left joystick

Knock the ball: *Only when stationary, RT key + right joystick→or↑Or ↗ or ↖ or ↘ or↓Or ↙

Emergency stop: release the left stick +RB

Emergency stop and then face the opponent’s goal: release the left stick + RT button

The following is attached to the live football 2019 combined action operation:

Select the receiver: LB key + right stick→Release the right stick

Change the receiver: press the LB button when selecting the receiver

Trigger movement: When you choose to pick up a team member, push the right stick in the direction of your teammate→Release the right stick

Short pass operation guide: A key

Air pass/crossing operation guide: B button

Direct pass operation guide: Y key

Shooting operation guide: X key

How to clear the siege: *Only when the ball is in your half, Press X

Triangle short pass: LB key + A key→Release the left stick before blocking the ball→Y key or LB key + Y key

Powerful triangle short pass: LB key + A key→Press and hold the LB key + the right joystick to control the player’s running direction

Pass and move: press A or Y before the player kicks the ball→RT

Call to pass: *Only cooperative games and fixed. RT key×2

Teammate control (assist): LB key + right stick→Release the right stick, The player in the direction you last controlled will run forward

Teammate control (manual): LB key + right stick→Release the right stick, Press the LB button + the right stick in the direction you want the player to run

What are the buildings and items that are likely to cause the hospital to make ends meet? In a hospital, Not only need medical-related items, Also need some other things, Such as a gift shop for patients’ pastime, Or a coffee shop for patients to consume, Although these buildings can bring some income to the hospital, But not much, Sometimes bad luck can cause the hospital to close down, Some players will ask questions, How can it be so serious, Now I will give you a specific analysis, You can check your own situation according to the following content to see if you want to build it.

Buildings and objects that can easily close the hospital:

The main thing to play this game is to reduce the queues of various construction items and the movement of staff and patients to see a doctor. This must be guaranteed.


The coffee shop is a building that causes queuing after the medical department. And it will attract patients and employees from the entire map to the coffee shop to queue up to 30 people. If it is a patient, it is okay to come here, But a lot of doctors don’t work, I also ran here to queue up for consumption, Over time, think about it, No doctor is seeing a doctor, Where does the significant income from not seeing a doctor come from?

Gift shop

This place is also attracting patients to consume, Although sometimes I can earn 100 yuan, But only enough to pay assistant salaries.

Video game machine

When patients are bored, they can indeed play video games, But I am afraid that these patients have been lining up to play video games. Not doing business is also wasteful.

How do players in Dream Three Heroes recruit different units? How to recruit generals, In a strategic game, The first thing players have to learn is how to use various methods to fight. If there is no good strategy, it is easy to be seen through by the enemy, But it’s also important to recruit different arms, There are only different arms in the team, To deal with various tactics, Some novice players are the pit of the new game, So there are still many arms that don’t have it. So how do you recruit? Next, I will introduce to you the recruitment method, Hope to help everyone.

Introduction of recruiting generals:

First, you need to click on your city on the big map interface, Then click on the above“Recruitment”, Then you can enter the recruiter interface.

Then you can choose your favorite unit on the left side of the picture below, On the right side of the interface, you can choose your favorite generals according to your preferences, If you are satisfied with this general, just click on this general, If you are not satisfied, click below“Redraw”You can refresh the generals, Choose from a new row of generals.

Remind you that players need to consume food and funds in the process of recruiting generals. If grain and funds are shown in red, it means that resources are insufficient. Unable to recruit.

What quests do Monster Hunter World need to do if you want to get the Asoshi Taito? At the end of this month, the game will release new missions and some equipment, These new tasks and new equipment are different from the current rules, Among them, Cangxing Taidao is one of the many equipment that needs to be obtained by missions. What do you need to do if you want to obtain this Asoshi Taito? I believe many players want to know, Let me introduce to you.

List of requirements for unlocking Cangxing Taidao:

To unlock this weapon, you first need to be above HR13. You can’t do it below this level, Then the selected map is the land of dragon crystals, Remind everyone not to choose the wrong map, Next is to find the target, The target you are looking for is Rock Thief Dragon, Blue Fire Dragon, etc. , Don’t hesitate to find them, Go to war, You can get USJ linkage equipment, “General of the Blue Starαseries”Armor materials and“Blue Star’s Taito”Strengthen the required materials.

World of Warcraft 8. 0 Where can I really find the low-guarantee box, We told you two days ago, This week there will be a minimum guarantee box for everyone to find, And also made some predictions for everyone, I believe that many players have already learned about it, The correct position of the box has been released today, Where is it? It’s not easy to find, Let me introduce to you, I believe many friends are looking forward to it.

8. 0Detailed location introduction of low-guarantee box:

First of all, we must find the subsistence allowance box, You need to know the location of the tribe and the alliance, And the tribe is at the giant seal, The Alliance is at Proudmoore Naval Command, Many players can’t find specific directions, In fact, it is in the room where the map is selected for the task when upgrading, Turn right at the door where you enter this room, Remember to turn right, Then you can see the corner of the wall on your left, A low-guarantee box appears in front of your eyes.

How to switch Tomb Raider Shadow to Chinese language, The STEAM version of the game has been officially released. If you haven’t bought it yet, you can go to buy the game, However, many players who have purchased the game found that the language inside is English. This is a headache for many players, So where do I set up Chinese? I believe that many novice players have not found a place yet, Next, let me give you a specific introduction, If you are looking for it, just take a look at the introduction below.

Chinese method of shadow adjustment:

Actually the method is very easy, Is to enter the game properties, Then click on the language column, Will see“Choose the language you want to use when playing the game”, Just adjust the language to simplified Chinese.

The following is the solution to the shadow of the Tomb Raider:

If you encounter a stuck situation, Just install the new driver.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider, have you noticed that Laura’s clothes are missing? After the PC version is officially unlocked, A large number of players are scrambling to join the game and get ready to experience it. However, some players recently discovered a similar BUG problem. It was after entering the game that Laura had no coat, I only wear a bra on my upper body, And there are sleeves on the shoulders, I don’t know if the game is like this or lack of clothes, Don’t worry, Next, let me tell you the specific solution.

Solutions to Laura’s missing clothes:

According to the entire plot in the game, Laura’s upper body shouldn’t just wear a bra, If you only wear bra, Why do you need a sleeve on your shoulder, Is it new, Ha ha, Just kidding. In fact, this is caused by the lack of clothing material files. The solution is simple, Just check each file again, Fill in the missing files, Just restart the game again.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider, do you know how to upgrade the quiver, The quiver in the game is actually an item bag. There are various skills for players to choose in this bag, Of course if you didn’t upgrade it, Its skills are average, But if you want to improve your skills, then you have to upgrade your quiver. Most players don’t know how to upgrade the quiver, Let’s take a closer look with us below.

Ways to upgrade the quiver:

First, there must be a bag, Is a bag bought from a merchant, After getting the bag, upgrade the weapon in the camp. The third item is equipment upgrade. Then you can fully upgrade your equipment, By then your equipment will no longer be so weak. You can try it.

The following is attached to the Tomb Raider shadow flash back frame solution:

First of all, I want to inform everyone that this game has more than 29G when installed. But many players including myself, Only 25G when preloaded, That is, there is less 4G, So it will cause the game to crash, The problem of dropped frames, The solution is to verify the integrity of the client, Next 4. 9G patch, This will solve the problem.