I can’t catch the happiness I want,After losing, I know what I want. I don’t know how to get the happiness I want., law of attraction reddit

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loveNo need to deliberately grasp, The more32313133353236313431303231363533e58685e5aeb931333363366238I want to grasp my love, It’s easy to lose yourself, Principle of things, It is forgivable to lose the tolerance that should be maintained between each other, Love will therefore become a form of no beauty. (This sentence is also quoted in the book “The Lock in the Heart” in “Yi Ping Sha” / TV series “Chinese Divorce”)

Love is like a handful of sand, The tighter you hold, The more lost. (Sentiment)

Smooth sailing man, Often can’t stand setbacks. (Said by the senior Chinese teacher in class)

To deny ourselves with the heart of denying others, Tolerate others with a heart of tolerance.

Love is actually a habit, You are used to having him in your life, He is used to having you in his life. I don’t feel anything when I have it, Once lost, It seems to have lost everything. (On the radio)

Each choice has a different ending, Just like walking different paths, there will be different scenery. and so, If you want to see the splendid scenery, May wish to meditate for a while before making a choice. ()

There is no dead end ahead, Hope it’s around the corner. (the film”. “Starring Chen Yixun, Forgot the name, I also like “Today next year” in it)

One can’t help but grow up, Growing up is like a hurry, The scenery along the way is often changed. (What I wrote in the middle school notebook, Forgot the source)

Be more optimistic about the future, Be pessimistic about people’s hearts. (Same as above)

A life that is clearly extinguished, I would be a lamp, Warm your cold, Take care of your life. (Huang An “Love Farewell”)

The stars, I have loved you for a long time without a reason, later, I found that you belong to all eyes, I do not love you anymore. Later I found out that no one can possess you, I love you even more.
You can meet someone in one minute, understand someone in an hour, fall in love with someone in one day, but you have to forget someone in your whole life

Who has never suffered for that secret love? We always think that infatuation is very heavy, very heavy, It is the heaviest weight in the world. one day, Looking back, We just found out, It has always been very light, very light.

Before meeting the right person, God may arrange for us to meet others first; when we finally meet the person we like, You should be grateful.

Love is a feeling, Even in pain, I feel happy; love is an experience, Even a broken heart will feel sweet; love is an experience, Even if it is broken, it will feel beautiful. I fell in love with you only for a while, It takes a lifetime to forget manifestation in synonym you. Whether you remember me or not, in your heart, There will always be a drop of tears I shed for loving you, Always always there.

Always need some warmth. Even a little bit of self-righteous memorial. I don’t want to let go, I don’t want to let you go, I don’t want to watch you walk out of my life.

In the vast crowd, Meet, friend, Stay together, No one will be smooth sailing, Only one is willing to pay, Know how to be grateful, In order to have a lifetime of love and happiness.

Want to say something, But I can’t talk about it, I want to say I love you but I’m blown away by the wind. If the sea can exchange the love I used to wait for my whole life

Every girl was once an angel without tears, She had tears when she met her beloved boy, The angel cried, Fall into the world, So every boy can’t let down his girl, Because she manifestation inc used to do for youGive up the whole heaven.

Seeing the heavy clouds in the sky, No. There is no room for sunlight to shine. This kind of power is unstoppable. It’s like after a long sleep, when Wake up, Smell the new breath, Feels extremely clean. But everything is only a moment, We secretly bear, Or a lifetime of emptiness, We will never look back.

If this is a dream, Just let me never wake up again. The beginning of almost all fairy tales, All from the prince and princess, A beautiful encounter begins. While we complained about the clichés of the story, While jumping down willingly, Be obsessed.

When yesterday’s dream can no longer be restored, When you can’t support a seedling of memory, When you insist on stepping on my parting sight, Do you know that I’m waiting for you? Waiting for you to forget, When you no longer look back on the manifestation determination and frank blessing, When you light up all the lanterns and look for another you in the world, You have turned into a curtain of dreams, Call me gently!

Cherish everything around you! Life is not a movie, Missed is lost, no more, It’s impossible to have a chance to do it again like in the movie, Perhaps one miss will make us regret for life.

First love is beautiful. Its taste. Sweet. sour. bitter. Astringent. But no matter how it tastes. It is always happy. Do you think of your first love? .

Met him by accident. Love him accidentally. Own him in accidental fantasy. Lost him by accident. I want to hate him by accident. I accidentally discovered that the man who hated him did not belong to me.

I don’t know where the sorrow comes from and have to loveOtherwise I will lose the future as if I cannot help myself, I can’t fail myself, but I have a wonderful life every day~~~━☆ But warm my manifest quantity meaning hands with your heart

No matter how much confusion. no matter how complicated the result, Everything is just a choice-something to forget, Just let everything go with the wind; what should be cherished, Just grasp and remember; treat others better, Also treat yourself better

When I love you, Never noticed; when I hate you, I know I love you so much!

I want to say the unsaid speechless, The words of the mountain alliance, Teardrops on the occasion of parting, You have forgotten. but please tell me, Can you forget-that hazy encounter, The melancholy that started suddenly.

people, Always living in contradiction in rejection. perhaps, Some feelings can only be missed, To be unforgettable, The past, It is eternal in our hearts.

I still have no results, No longer the simple Sakurazuka, Looking forward to the happiness of his mouth rising, Time has left a shadow in our hearts, It can’t be thickened and won’t fade away, The mood at that time, The thoughts at that law of attraction x use this gospel time ^ are also sealed in memory. In fact, there are some things that cannot be forced. All we have is this world, But the world has more than us

The furthest distance in the world is not when I stand in front of you, But I don’t know I love you; but I know I love each other, But can’t be together.

That’s not the candlelight waiting for you to light me all night, When I open my eyes every day, Will remember everyone’s manifestation prayer smiling faces, I understand that my heart is more brave, Draw a circle with musical notes, Passing will be commemorated, I think love will always stay in your heart

Everyone has his own forest, Maybe we never walked, But it’s always there, The lost person is lost, People who meet will meet again. I believe in beautiful encounters, Because our lives are so beautiful and vivid. Every encounter we have, All are beloved by God.

If there is if, Can you go back to the past; if there is if, Can I love you again; if there is if, Is happiness still. but, Everything, Only if.

Acquaintance is the most precious fate, Missing is the most beautiful mood, Concern is the most sincere heartbeat, Greetings are the most beautiful language, Confidant is the most intimate tacit understanding.

It is harder to give up a person than to love someone, And it will be even harder to forget him completely~! ! !

Love, There is always no eternal definition because everyone’s experience and perception are different, Love is beautiful, But it also fades away, Like a firework, Only temporary beauty is left. At the moment of looking back, Youth without resentment will be without regrets! Pass by, Otherwise, love will become a legend because of distance! ! !

Breaking up is inevitable, Because we are not together anymore. I used to have you in my head, But I want to forget you now. I don’t miss you anymore, But have you really loved me? I have forgotten you, I no longer love you, I only have him in my heart now, I fell in love with him”

Anything more or less than others is happiness. Once our thinking and the way of being in the world affected our perception of happiness. Happiness can’t stand you, you carved a ruler to measure, It has a more sensitive heart than suffering, A little picky about it, It will abandon you. It’s not difficult to be happy-for others, To myself, Be more tolerant of life, Happiness is hidden in your heart.

I hope you didn’t cry secretly for me again, I don’t want to leave your heart empty, Looking forward to seeing you far away when I don’t go, My heart is like water, Looking into the distance every day, Looking forward to your sudden appearance, Is it due to love, innocence or accident, How much spring and autumn wind and rain can not change my love for you~~~~

Those who walk in a hurry are the most beautiful scenery, Those who hurt the most are always the most true feelings. I always thought, I can bear this day, But face it seriously, I realized that I was just a woman in need of love. Can infatuated waiting bring back a betrayed heart? I can only use a mask to cover up my pain-(-

Right time, Meet the right person, It is a kind of happiness. Right time, Meet the wrong person, It is a kind of sadness. Wrong time, Meet the right person, It was a sigh. Wrong time, Meet the wrong person, It is a kind of helplessness.

The language recorded in the picture of memories, carrying my misses across the horizon, your warm smiling face is as before, the language recorded in the pictures of memories, tears test another perfection in my heart

想与你去画画用我们的心 来画一幅属于我们的画不在乎它是酸 是甜 是苦 是辣有你的时光那就是我的黄金时光不在乎它是否一生一世 是否海枯石烂是否完美无暇 是否炫Eye-catching days with you are my happiest days

Facing you, I always smile; facing you, I am always unknown; facing you, I am always dizzy; facing you, I always try hard; facing you, I’m always chattering; facing you, I am always observant; facing you.

What got my eyes wet, I can’t see the back of you far away, What makes my mood cold, Can’t hold your old warmth, It’s the sound of rain that makes my peace, I can’t hear my crying, It’s the umbrella that makes the city’s scenery beautiful and can’t keep the rush of love around, Who can dry my wet heart with love.

she cried, Tears fell drop by drop. She lost the sunshine of the past, Lost the old blue, The sky is dissatisfied with the haze, A piece of gray, The leaning heart is like the sky. She was sobbing softly, Release the unhappiness in my heart with tears, the sun is always behind the storm, Cheer up. Crying will become history, A new page has also been opened.

Too much love, Overwhelmed all the hate, It turned out to be sentimental, Will live a miserable life; suck in the sadness of others, I shed tears slowly in silence.

If there is a love that can never meet, Never speak, Never think of, Just like a fire that never ignites, Staring lonely at the dark sky, But there is always a heart that needs to be explained, Need to talk, Need to carry love to the last moment, This life is not in vain!

Some losses are destined, Some fate will never have results, To love someone does not necessarily have to be owned, But if you have a person, you must cherish it, Don’t wait until it hurts to beg for forgiveness, Don’t wait to recover when you lose it. If I accidentally shed a tear, That’s because I don’t want to forget who you are, Because of Te uiero.

If you leave it for one more second. ☆It can reduce the pain of thinking about you tomorrow. ※I will be willing (i do) to let go of all the pain, 々Exchange々Any trace of possible possession. √There is only one cup of hourglass left in happiness, I watched the scenes of sweetness. Love is ten thousand hectares of forest. Lost but you and me, It’s not that we can break out together, Why am I the only one to go back

Anything more or less than others is happiness. Once our thinking and the way of being in the world affected our perception of happiness. Happiness can’t stand you, you carved a ruler to measure, It has a more sensitive heart than suffering, A little picky about it, It abandons you. It’s not difficult to be happy-for others, To myself, Be more tolerant of life, Happiness is hidden in your heart.

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Summarize previous experience, Seize the opportunity in the future, Get happiness.