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  What is education? Not from elementary school, university, graduate school, That’s just knowledge and skills training. Education is the cultivation and popularization of humanistic, ethical and moral concepts. The purpose of education is to understand the relationship between people, Understand the relationship between man and the universe, Understand the law of cause and effect. In other words, Education is what teaches you how to behave.

  Technology cannot rejuvenate the country, Education can rejuvenate the country. Technology has developed, Are we free from worries? Will society last for a long time? People’s basic living conditions are food, clothing and housing (living space), Everything else has nothing to do with life, Only related to desire. Technology has developed, There are too many items in the store, It will only make people’s hearts greedy, There was desire. The development of science and technology will make productivity to meet the additional requirements of people, Caused a great waste of resources; especially the development of weapons and wars, They don’t know how to use the money and power to help weak and developing countries, Improve their living environment. This is the blind development of technology, The consequences of not being educated! The facts are always difficult to accept, But here I have to say: “We are not educated! “Education is not a slogan, Big talk, empty talk, Must have substance, These contents must conform to the laws of the universe, That is truth. As long as everyone earnestly implements this truth, Can get real benefits.

  First: Mind

  Mind, heart, body cultivation, family harmony, state governance, world peace.

  The original text of “Book of Rites·University” “The ancient desires to be clear and virtuous in the world; to rule their country first; to rule their country, First align their families; those who desire to align their families, Cultivate their body first; those who want to cultivate their body, Correct your mind first;. the mind is correct and then the body is cultivated, After self-cultivation and then home, The family is unified and then the country is governed, After the rule of the state, the world is peaceful. “The main idea is to say: In ancient times, those who wanted to make virtue manifest in the world, Is to govern his country first; people who want to govern the country well, We must first clean up our own home; people who want to clean up their home, We must first self-cultivation; people who want to self-cultivation, He must first correct his thinking. the mind is correct, Then self-cultivation is perfect; self-cultivation is perfect, Then the family is reorganized in an orderly manner; the family is reorganized, Then the country is stable and prosperous; the country is stable and prosperous, Then the world settled down.

manifestation magic does it work  No matter what you do, Everything must start with righteousness. Be upright, Must understand what the mind is?

  Please carefully understand the meaning of this sentence: we grew up, Everything done, It is just to satisfy one’s own “conscious heart”. In other words: the possession and control of matter, Just want to satisfy our own hearts.

  As long as you are human (we only discuss humans), You are dealing with your own “heart” every day. You are just looking for “feeling”. More and less money, Is your “feeling”; material gains and losses, Is your “feeling”; career success and failure, Still your “feel”. It’s not that you have money or material in your hands. Is what you have, Your “heart” recognizes “yes” law of attraction secret to be considered “yes”; you hold other people’s things and money in your hands, You don’t recognize it in your “heart”, So it is still “none”. You live in your own house, The heart feels that you have a house; you live in someone else’s house, The heart feels “no” house. Please be careful and serious to experience. the existence and the absence, gains and losses, more and less, success and failure.

  We watch movies, TV, books, newspapers, magazines every day, I am happy when I look at it (other mental activities may occur), After that, my heart felt lost.

  We will travel, have fun, Happy when playing, After that, our hearts were lost and empty again.

  We eat, The dishes are unpalatable, Although I set up a manifestation definition deutsch table, The belly is full, But I don’t feel comfortable in my heart; if the food suits the taste, Even if it’s just one or two, You will feel at ease when you are full.

  The house we live in, The environment is good and spacious, Feel comfortable; the environment is not good, simple and small, Feeling depressed.

  We dress, The same is looking for feelings.

  We are looking for feelings day after day, Less time for fun, Many times of loss. Search Search Search. Why can’t we find the feeling we want? Is it because we don’t know where the heart is? So the mind has no control, emptiness, I don’t know what I need to do to make my heart happy and satisfied. We also never know our own heart. To recognize your heart, The relationship between “heart” and “phase” must be manifestation for iep understood.

  In ancient artificial characters, To have a “phase” in the “heart” is called “thinking”. We feel moving in our hearts every day, Are all “phases”, Not our heart. We just mistake the active “phase” as ourselves.

  From birth to death, “Phase” is never interrupted every day, One thought after another, From one environment to another, Clean without a moment.

  If you still can’t understand what this “phase” is, Just look at the following example:

  Gold is the body, Statues, jewelry, or other things of different shapes made of gold are called “phases”, It can also be said to be “forms” (the word image should be the correct form). In other words, no matter what shape you make with gold, This shape is called “phase”, The gold body remains unchanged. “Phase” and “body” are inseparable, That is, “phase” and “body” are one, Not two. That is, you cannot find the dividing point between “phase” and “body”. Gold can change, The shape changed is still gold.

  Anything in the world, Both have “phase” and “body”. What can change is “body”, What has changed is the “phase”.

  We contact the outside world through our eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, etc. every day, There are countless differences and attachments in the heart, These distinctions and attachments are the “phase” of the mind.

  gain and loss, With and without, Success and failure, Good and bad, Good and evil, Good and bad, Good and bad, Big and small, black and white, Long and short and so on, It’s all from our hearts. We often talk about thoughts and feelings. Many people understand “phase” as face, In fact, the face is the embodiment of the mind. We usually think most children are cute, Adults think less cute, It’s because kids have less troubles, The troubles of the adults are written on the face, So adults are not too cute. Friends who like beauty must first remove their worries from the heart.