Note 19-how the college entrance examination changed destiny,Fortunately I am still me, manifestation visualization

When writing this column, My mood is complicated, One is that it is “perfect” because I don’t know how to solve this matter. Second, because I remembered a few things that happened around me, I can’t help but sigh that the “college entrance examination” may really be a turning point in one’s life. Third, I am fortunate that I have caught up with a relatively good era.

? ? ? ? “College Entrance Examination” is really a turning point in some people’s lives

? ? ? ? My elder uncle and my second uncle are both my uncle, The high tables and low benches are all wood.

? ? ? ? Far away.

? ? ? ? My uncle, Now I work in the management factory of our village, Spent a lifetime in the countryside, Planted for a lifetime, Living in the village makes sense, I pooled money for my son to buy a car last year.

? ? ? ? My second uncle, Now he is the technical director of a factory of Hegang Group, His wife was a classmate in college, Not working now, Playing stocks at home, Shijiazhuang Three Suites, Two suites in Qingdao, One car in two years.

? ? ? ? The following things are what I learned at a “family gathering” a few years ago, Both my elder uncle and my second uncle drank some wine that day. ? ? ?

? ? ? ? According to the words on the wine table, I learned a lot of experiences that are different from those of our generation. zanpakuto manifestation

? ? ? ? My elder uncle is three years older than my second uncle, The academic performance of the year was not bad, The college entrance examination results are quite good, The score is not low but there is no admission notice, And my uncle had an accident with my grandfather during the college entrance examination year, I hurt my leg. Everything came together. The 13 people who took the college entrance examination in the same year (all from our village) said that my uncle’s college entrance examination might be topped by others. [This kind of thing did not happen in that era. Not uncommon, If you don’t believe me, you can ask the elderly at home], Under the pressure of life, There is really no way at home for my uncle to fight for the chance to go to college. The old saying goes, “Children from poor families are headed early (think of the sad sentence)”My uncle also manifest myself meaning understood that he was the eldest of the family. If he fights for opportunities. his younger siblings will have to earn money to support the family.

? ? ? ? My second uncle’s college entrance examination year arranged a very strange method[one for two], To improve overall performance, Let students with good grades “help” those with poorer grades, In order to make progress together, My second uncle did not want to, Was sent home, I almost couldn’t take the exam, It was my grandfather and my uncle who asked someone to find a relationship to successfully complete the college entrance examination.

? ? ? ? and so, I remember clearly, When I mentioned it that day, My elder uncle said to his second uncle, “It’s a shame that you went to school back then. Strong now, If I had the axis back then, I ruined you. “, My second uncle really cried.

? law of attraction and relationships ? ? ? ? Fortunately, I have caught up with a better era?

? ? ? ? I took the college entrance examination in 2013, I was not replaced, No extra arrangements, Everything depends on our own efforts, I am very lucky, Although my exam is not good, The elective course of Physics and Comprehensive Courses was not painted, The inexplicable explosion of English, Only 563 points (language: 135 mathematics: 126 English: 68 science comprehensive: 234 total score: 563), But at least I am still.

? ? ? ? ? I’m so lucky.

? ? ? ? ? ? because……

? ? ? ? At least I am still “me”?

? ? ? ? Life is irreversible. Whether you admit it or not, The ancillary value brought by the “educational background” in China is inestimable. On top of this, there is an unpredictable gap caused by the “learning” thing.