Swordsman Love 2 How to get health experience of sword song, visual manifestation meaning

How to get the health experience of Jianxia Qingyuan 2 Jiangexing? A special system in the game is the health experience system. This health experience is very important for players, But many players don’t know how to get it, If you don’t know, let’s take a look with the editor.


Swordsman Love 2 How to get health experience of sword song

1. Introduction

The health experience is located in the lower left corner of the operation interface, Health experience is a great tool for upgrading, Can account for nearly 40% of the amount of experience gained in the entire game (35% of activities, 25% of the main line). When you perform an on-hook upgrade, The experience of killing monsters will add health experience. In addition, If there is no health experience, Not only does the jungler lose experience, It will also cause the monster to no longer drop items, Affect the completion of the Chamber of Commerce mission!

Health experience accounts for 95% of the experience of killing monsters! So don’t miss the chance to gain health experience!


2. Access

1. Automatically obtained daily, Approximately 20% of the total daily health experience gained, When the player level is lower than the world level, Every day you go online, you will get a certain amount of health experience replenishment, Depending on your own level and the level manifestation of life synonym difference of world players, The amount obtained will also vary, Although the amount is not the most, But it is the simplest.

2,  Active system acquisition, After completing daily tasks, Open 40 active and 100 active boxes to get a lot of health experience, About 70% of health experience.

3. Chamber of Commerce tasks, After completing the Chamber of Commerce mission, Will also gain a small amount of health experience, It accounts for about 10% of the daily health experience gained.

The above is the whole content of the method to obtain the health experience of Jianxia Qingyuan 2 Jiangexing brought by the editor. I hope to be helpful.

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