The era of naked data,How easily accessible is your privacy?, manifestation story meaning

In 2018, Tencent Mobile Manager released a data in a report: 28. 37 million malicious URLs were detected in 2017, Malicious URLs were blocked 106. 7 billion times, The average person law of attraction quotes in malayalam in China is maliciously attacked 76 times per year.

While the Internet facilitates our lives, And let everyone’s privacy nowhere to hide, Anything you go online will be collected by a certain server. Your hobbies, favorite idols, frequently visited websites, shopping information, every chat history, They are all turned into bits of data hidden in every corner of the Internet.

Welcome to the era of naked data, How easily accessible is your privacy?

Let’s start with how to get a student’s grades 4 and 6.

According to public information, In 2018, the number of applicants for the national college entrance examination was 9. 75 million, Acceptance rate 81. 13%, The number of new students is 7. 91 million. As long as definition of manifestation determination these 7. 91 million new students, Someone took this year’s CET-4 and CET-6 exams, Take time for their grades 4 and 6Can be found by others. No need to hack the backend of any website, Just need to disclose the information online, You can get the grades 4 and 6 of one million candidates.

How to do?

After reading the following ideas, You may find it simple, But behind this is uneasy.

First, students want to check their grades 4 and 6 need two pieces of information:1 name; 2 admission ticket number; then go to China Higher Education Student Information Network, Enter the corresponding information to view.

数据全裸时代,你的隐私有多容易获取?manifestation magic sample

So if you want to check a student’s grades 4 and 6, All you need to know is your name and admission ticket number. For students in the same school, It is very easy to get the names of fellow students. QQ groups, Tieba, Moments, and friends around you can easily get a few news sources.

Not just name, Even your ID number, home address, and phone number will all be exposed. In the university, everyone will have their own group, Counselors often send various notices and documents in the group, And there are many detailed information sheets for all students in the department. When I was still in college, I don’t know how many times the counselor uploaded the student information of our department in the group at will. Your ID number, phone number, parent’s name, and home address are all exposed to your classmates.

What’s the use of knowing your ID number in school? Let’s see what a reader said to me.


But regardless of whether everyone in this room is already working, Still a student in school, Want to get a list of the names of any school students, It’s as simple as drinking water. Because there are many schools that will send information about admitted students, Put it on your official website. The picture below shows me searching for a university randomly on the Internet. Found a list of 2019 freshmen in the art category.


I got the name, We can know the grade 4 and 6 of a certain student with only one admission ticket number.

How do we know the admission ticket number of a classmate?

Very simple, This world is made up of countless kinds of rules, Knowing the rules you are God, Overlooking everything. An English test involving millions of freshmen, Their admission ticket number must be composed of certain rules. Then I searched the Internet for what constitutes the admission ticket number of Level 4 and Level 6, You get very critical information.


The admission ticket number for English Band 4 and 6 consists of 15 digits. Know the rules of composition, We have the eyes of God, You can know the admission ticket number of any student.


I found the Excel table of the list of national colleges and universities on the website of the Ministry of Education, All are public information, anyone can download. The last 5 digits of the school identification code in the form are the school code.


Now we can redefine what constitutes a Level 4 and 6 admission ticket number.


As you can see from the picture above, To know the admission ticket number of a student in 2019, The only things we can’t determine at the moment are the school district code, examination room number and seat number. And these three parts are very easy to use code, List all the results, Next is the most important part.

Use the program to simulate the rules of the admission ticket, Request website interface, Get the corresponding data.

The website will send a request to the server when querying the results. Then the corresponding score data will be returned. Through the analog interface, Send a request and we can get the corresponding information. Then I found the interface for requesting grades 4 and 6 through the packet capture software. And verified the accuracy of the information.


The picture above shows me inputting a classmate’s name and admission ticket number. Send the 4th and 6th levels of the requested information, The information retrieved is exactly the same as the picture display.

Know the school name, Have a list of students, Understand the rules for the composition of the admission ticket number, With just a few lines of code, we can hit the grades 4 and 6 of any student.


The way to obtain grades 4 and 6 can be described by a word in hackers: hitting the library.

Bumping the database is a hacker collecting user and password information that has been leaked from the Internet. Generate the corresponding dictionary table, After trying to log in to other websites in batches, Get a list of users who can log in. Many users use the same account password on different websites. Therefore, the hacker can try to log in to the B website by obtaining the user’s account on the A website. This can be understood as a library collision attack.

And I collect all kinds of public information on the Internet, The rules of using the admission ticket number, Send requests through program simulation, Exhaust all results, Crash the library for a student’s grades 4 and 6. As long as you take a moment, Collect the corresponding information, Even if others do not disclose your name and admission ticket number to you, You can find it yourself.

The fourth and sixth results are like everyone’s privacy. Anyone who spends more time can find out all your private data.

How much privacy can a photo sell?

People nowadays are keen to post their mood and various photos on social software, But too many people don’t know how to protect their privacy. Some key information is not coded at all, The shared pictures are not processed either. And sometimes it is these small details that expose your privacy.

A picture is enough to reveal your home address.

Let’s continue to look at a software “WeChat” that everyone uses every day, I did an experiment with my friends, Ask him to send a picture of the scenery around him at will, And use the lack of clarity as a reason, Ask him to send me the original picture. And just such an inadvertent move, he has exposed his home address to me. After getting the photo, I randomly found an Exif information query applet on WeChat, He got his shooting time and detailed address.


You who like to take selfies, show affection, baby, dogs, cats, and all kinds of life photos, Do you feel a deep panic? A photo shared accidentally reveals the address? Why is that?

The key to this is that there is an Exif message in the photo file.

Exif (Exchangeable image file format) exchangeable image file format, Is specifically set for photos from digital cameras, The attribute information and shooting data of digital photos can be recorded. Through Exif, you can see:


These Exif query tools are everywhere, Through itPinpoint to a specific building, And through height information, Combined with the local altitude, evenCan also calculate the floor where the other party lives.

Everyone must remember, If you are not an acquaintance around you, Be sure not to share the original image with others easily. The human heart is the hardest to guess. A picture reveals your home address information, What a terrible thing this is. With your detailed address, Those who have bad intentions do not know how crazy they can do.

There are so many ways to get your privacy in life, And the case of privacy leakage shown to you today, It’s just the tip of the iceberg in the era of naked data. There are many worlds under the iceberg that you don’t know.


It is your inadvertent small actions that reveal your privacy. Not only that, but there are more privacy leaks that you don’t know about, Hard to defend against:


Personal information reselling has long formed a complete black industry chain, The channels for privacy leakage are becoming increasingly complex and hidden. Maybe your information has been resold several times, But I don’t know.

How to prevent personal information leakage

How to protect the privacy of personal information in our daily lives? This is a difficult question to answer. A large part of the reason is that even if you pay great attention to personal privacy, It is also very easy to get your private information. The act of sharing and trading data between companies shows thatThey will get your personal information data anyway. Every behavior you do on the Internet today may be provided to the recommendation algorithm.

But there are some ways you can help yourself, Minimize information leakage. The more you understand how data is extracted and used, You can better maintain your digital privacy.

1 Block data collection requests you don’t need

The root of many data leaks on the Internet is various network requests to collect your information. If such requests can be identified and blocked, Then you will have a good start in preventing data leakage. The most simple and practical shielding tool is the Internet browser extension tool.

You may be very new to the term browser extensions. In fact, all major browsers, Including Microsoft, Google, Firefox and Apple’s Safari, All kinds of third-party extensions can be added. They are essentially small programs that work in the browser.

But unfortunately, There are a wide variety of extension tools that claim to block ads and protect personal privacy. Let people know how to choose. Here is what Justin Warren, the principal analyst of IT consulting company PivotNine, said: “Install the privacy protection plug-in, Such as Privacy Badger, Ghostery and uBlock Origin, You can block trackers and adware. “All three types of software enjoy a high reputation for privacy protection.

2 Learn to clean up data information

You should always check your privacy settings, Turn off unused functions, Log out of those website accounts that are not frequently used. Can you still remember which websites you have registered? Here I have organized it for everyone, The cancellation method of domestic mainstream websites, Reply to “Privacy” in the background to get it.

3 Use the default login method of the website with caution

It is also a good practice to keep the website or software logged law of attraction revenge out most of the time. You have to carefully consider whether you really need to log on to the website. Because logging in to this website means that you directly tell this website that you are browsing it, Then all the privacy protection techniques in the world will become useless.

Especially many domestic websites can use WeChat or QQ to log in conveniently. Although it is convenient to log in to other websites through social media accounts, But you go through an unknown third party, Expose his privacy. Not only increase the registration rate of the other party’s website, At the same time, let the website get your rich first-hand information.

So I highly recommend that you register some trumpets at the same time, mailbox. Don’t divulge personal information easily, Consider whether this information must be filled out. Within the scope of your purpose, Minimize manifestation definition bible dictionarythe information you need to fill in as much as possible. Also use trumpets more, At least half of the information leakage can be avoided.

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